What does the expression yanking your chain mean?

What does the expression yanking your chain mean?

Sl. to harass any person; to present any individual a hard time. (As if one were a dog wearing a choker collar, on a leash.) Stop yanking my chain!

Are you yanking my chain synonym?

»screwing with me exp. »taking advantage of me exp. »yanking your chain exp. »you gotta be kidding me exp.

Who pulled you chain?

Idiom: ‘Pull your chain’ Meaning: If any person pulls your chain, they make the most of you in an unfair manner or do one thing to harass you.

What does pull no punches mean?

hit less arduous than one can
Behave unrestrainedly, dangle not anything back, as in The physician pulled no punches but advised us the whole truth. This expression comes from boxing, the place to tug one’s punches way “to hit less onerous than one can.”

What’s hanging out mean?

intransitive ​basically American​impoliteif you put out, you conform to have intercourse with somebody. Synonyms and similar words. To have sex. sleep with.

What is the which means of pull the cause?

(idiomatic) To decide to a plan of action. verb. 1. (football, idiomatic, intransitive) To shoot, kick the ball in hope of scoring a goal. verb.

What does neck and crop mean?

: with brisk dispatch and completeness : summarily grew to become her out into the side road neck and crop— W. S. Maugham.

What does take your hat off to somebody mean?

Definition of take one’s hat off to casual. : to present (any person) praise or credit I (need to) take my hat off to her.

What does pitted out mean?

pit out. 1. verb To take away the pit from a piece of fruit. verb To display sweat patches via one’s blouse or best below the palms. The comic began pitting out nearly right away under the sizzling lights of the stage.

What does what are you seeking to put over mean?

1 : delay, prolong. 2 : put throughout sense 2.

What does upload insult to harm?

Definition of add insult to harm : to do or say something that makes a foul state of affairs even worse for any individual People were compelled to paintings longer hours, and to add insult to harm, the company made up our minds to not give pay raises.

What does hemming and hawing mean?

1 : to stop continuously and change what one is announcing throughout speech because one is not sure of what to say or as a result of one is making an attempt to avoid announcing one thing The question shocked her and she hemmed and hawed just a little before answering.

What does it mean when someone Yanks your chain?

yank anyone’s ˈchain (American English, casual) inform somebody one thing which isn’t true, as a funny story: Did you mean what you said, or had been you just yanking my chain? Yank means pull one thing onerous, quickly and all of sudden. See additionally: chain, yank

What’s the that means of the word’yank’?

yank (one’s) chain. To tease one, ceaselessly by means of looking to persuade them of one thing that isn’t true. Quit yanking my chain, I know there isn’t a Hollywood director calling me presently.

What does it mean to tug your sister’s chain?

To tease one, regularly by seeking to persuade them of something that isn’t true. Quit yanking my chain, I know there isn’t a Hollywood director calling me at the moment. I love yanking my sister’s chain—it’s nearly too easy to idiot her. See also: chain, yank Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2015 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved.