What does the phrase 10-4 Good Buddy mean?

What does the phrase 10-4 Good Buddy mean?

Ten four is a cop code. It way good to move, all right,see ya there , the like. Good buddy was once added on via truckers who pick up on jargon by way of taking note of their scanners. So in ten four good buddy , it’s like one truck driver announcing to another k, or proper, or what ever it’s in the affirmative .

What is good buddy slang for?

Good buddy. In the Seventies, this used to be the stereotypical time period for a friend or acquaintance on the CB airwaves. Now the term “buddy” can be utilized in a similar fashion as the time period “good buddy” now means a gay, particularly driver. Good numbers. Well wishes to a fellow driver.

Is it worth having a CB radio?

CB radios aren’t the go-to conversation units of yore, but they’re nonetheless an excessively treasured tool to have out on the road. Let’s say you have got a nasty trailer tire, every other driver may tip you off on the CB before it truly begins smoking like a tar kettle and catches hearth….

What’s better ham radio or CB radio?

In a nutshell, ham radio is exactly for conversations and conversation between individuals. On the different hand, the CB radio carrier is for people who want to have a hobby in radio communication without requiring a license. CB is normally short-range and cell….

Can you talk on CB channels with a ham radio?

The answer is sure, and it comes all the way down to legality and licensing. Licensed hams don’t seem to be allowed to talk to any individual who isn’t licensed unless it is an emergency. So by means of contacting a CB radio the use of a ham radio, you’re going towards the FCC and may just face legal repercussions.

Is ham radio a dying passion?

Ham radio is useless as a result of there’s no one useful to speak to. If they loosened up the restrictions on who you’ll be able to communicate to, many more people would grow to be enticed into the pastime. Now, there’s LOTS of people to talk to if you want to speak about how well paint dries….

Are the ham bands Dead?

N8WCT Ham Member QRZ Page The “repair” by the ARRL, was the no-code tech entry, and the passion exploded. On VHF/UHF, It was once commonplace that you just had to wait your turn on local repeaters, and even discover a arduous time finding an open simplex channel. Virtually the whole VHF/UHF bands are lifeless….

What is the most well liked ham radio band?

20 meters – 14.0–14.35 MHz – Considered the most well liked DX band; most often hottest throughout daytime. QRP operators recognize 14.060 MHz as their primary calling frequency in that band. Users of the PSK31 data mode have a tendency to congregate around 14.070 MHz. Analog SSTV job facilities on 14.230 MHz.

Do I really desire a ham radio license?

DO I NEED A LICENSE TO USE, BUY, OR LISTEN TO AN AMATEUR RADIO, & HOW DO I GET ONE? A – No License is required to purchase the equipment, nor to Monitor (pay attention) to the many Amateur (Ham) Radio frequencies. However, an FCC License is required to Transmit on Amateur Radio Frequencies in the USA.

Why do you wish to have a Licence for ham radio?

elementary digital rules in the back of radio waves, how they’re generated, radio propagation, coping with interference, and safety. That’s why you wish to have a license to get into the Amateur Radio Service. That way, hams know that their comrades-in-arms have the fundamental knowledge and talent to handle radio waves safely.