What does the suffix graph mean in medical terminology?

What does the suffix graph mean in medical terminology?

to report
The suffix -graphy way ‘to file’ or ‘take an image. The final of those suffixes coping with records and recording is -graph which is the ‘software used to record or take an image. ‘ For example, the electrocardiograph is the tool used to record the electric activity of the center.

What does the Greek suffix graph mean?

-graph-, root. Telecommunications-graph- comes from Greek, where it has the which means “written down, published, drawn.

What does the suffix graph mean in science?

(Science: suffix) Something written, as in monograph, radiograph. The tool for creating a recording, as in kymograph, additionally, a writer; as autograph, crystograph, telegraph, photograph.

What is the actual which means of graph?

1 : a diagram (corresponding to a chain of one or more points, strains, line segments, curves, or spaces) that represents the variation of a variable in comparison with that of a number of other variables. 2 : the selection of all points whose coordinates satisfy a given relation (such as a function)

Is graph a suffix?

1. Suffix indicating something written, as in monograph, radiograph.

What does the suffix graph mean quizlet?

-graph. An instrument used to report.

What is the that means graphing?

1. A diagram showing the relationship of amounts, particularly any such diagram in which strains, bars, or proportional spaces constitute how one quantity will depend on or adjustments with any other. 2. A curve or line appearing a mathematical function or equation, normally drawn in a Cartesian coordinate device.

What does graph mean in biography?

Graphy is defined as a form of writing or drawing, or a field of research. An instance of graphy used as a suffix is biography, which is a story written about an individual’s lifestyles.

What does line graph mean in science phrases?

: a graph in which issues representing values of a variable for appropriate values of an impartial variable are attached via a broken line.

What is graph definition and example?

Graph is outlined as to create a diagram that shows a courting between two or more issues. An example of graph is to create a sequence of bars on graphing paper. The definition of a graph is a diagram showing the relationships between two or extra issues. An instance of graph is a pie chart.

Is graph a prefix or suffix?

There is way to say about the Greek root graph which means that ‘to write down,’ so let this ‘written’ discourse start! One of the maximum not unusual makes use of of this root is in the suffix -graphy. Geography is simply ‘writing’ about the physical traits of the Earth.

What is the definition of the suffix graph?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. The English suffix -graphy means a “field of analysis” or related to “writing”, and is an anglicization of the French -graphie inherited from the Latin -graphia, which is a transliterated direct borrowing from Greek.

Is graph Latin or Greek?

Graph comes from the Latin word which means “write.” Meter is from the Greek phrase meaning “measure.” Use the checklist of prefixes and root words in the phrase financial institution to make five different English words out of the root phrases graph and meter.

What does the medical time period graph mean?

Medical Definition of graph. (Entry 1 of two) : a diagram (as a series of a number of issues, lines, line segments, curves, or areas) that represents the variation of a variable in comparability with that of one or more other variables.