What happened in chapter 6 of By the Great Horn Spoon?

What happened in chapter 6 of By the Great Horn Spoon?

Chapter 6: Spoiled Potatoes The Lady Wilma isn’t in a lot better form. The time at sea has fed on a lot of her reserves, as well. Azariah Jones is devastated to find out that his eighteen barrels of potatoes have spoiled. Then Monsieur Gaunt complains that his grape cuttings are drying up, as well.

How do you think Jack feels about just right luck?

How did Jack really feel about Good Luck being gone? Jack was once glad that Good Luck had such “Good Luck” and now would not be stuck by the cook.

What horrifying tournament happens whilst Jack and praiseworthy have been traveling on the trainer?

In Chapter 12, Jack and Praiseworthy are exhausted after hours of mining, and Jack suggests getting a tent so that they don’t have to walk the distance to the hotel. Praiseworthy talks about getting a mule and boots.

What downside did Jack and praiseworthy run into when they arrived in California?

Jack had determined to assist. He had heard about the gold in California, and determined to run away to the gold fields. Praiseworthy did not want him to head on my own, in order a just right and devoted butler, he had made up our minds to set out for the world with the boy to check out to earn money to save lots of Aunt Arabella’s area.

What led to Jack and praiseworthy to lose gold?

No one as a result of Mountain Ox did not show up. What horrible thing happened on their way back to San Francisco? Someone robbed them of their gold. The boat sank and Praiseworthy and Jack had to let the gold sink also.

What did cut-eye Higgins take swiftly from the ship?

What did Cut-Eye Higgins scouse borrow? He stole the Gold Map, boat, and Good Luck.

What did praiseworthy promise to try this apprehensive Jack?

What did Praiseworthy promise to try this anxious Jack? Fight with the Mountain Ox.

Why did praiseworthy and Jack paintings in the boiler room?

Praiseworthy and Jack would be the simplest passengers on board that may be heat as they worked in the coal bunker making steam, while the rest of the passengers would be cold on the icy ship. Jack concept that shoveling coal would lend a hand him in the gold fields. However, the boiler room had gotten extremely popular!

Why did Jack run away to the gold fields?

Jack had heard a banker tell Aunt Arabella that almost all of the family’s inheritance was long gone and that she would wish to promote the house. Jack had determined to help. He had heard about the gold in California, and determined to run away to the gold fields.

What did Master Jack say to his aunt Arabella?

“We made it, Praiseworthy,” he mentioned.“We did indeed, Master Jack.”Jack thought about his Aunt Arabella at home sitting in front of a fire. There was once no turning back now. They have been going to California.