What happened to Ben powers that played on Good Times?

What happened to Ben powers that played on Good Times?

Powers died of liver cancer on April 6, 2015, at the age of Sixty four and was cremated.

How did Keith Anderson get hurt on Good Times?

Unfortunately, after the marriage ceremony, while Thelma and Keith are strolling down the church aisle, J.J. is in the course of the church aisle taking photos and Keith trips and falls over J.J., breaking his leg, which ruins his dreams of playing within the NFL, as the Bears’ workforce doctor suggested him no longer to try to play …

What happened to Florida’s 2nd husband on Good Times?

Carl, who has succumbed to the lung cancer, is referenced briefly in Season 6 however he is never mentioned again (Florida continues to use the surname Evans instead of Dixon).

Is Thelma from Good Times Married?

Stanis has been married 4 times. Her first husband was once her high-school sweetheart Thomas Fauntleroy, from 1974 to 1978. BernNadette then married her fourth and present husband, Kevin Fontana, with whom he stocks her younger daughter, Brittany Rose.

Why did the dad leave Good Times?

Stating creative differences with the show’s writers and producers, Amos stated of his 1976 departure: “I left because I used to be advised that my services have been now not wanted because I had turn out to be a ‘disruptive part. ‘ In other words, I didn’t have the international relations that I feel I’ve cultivated over the last 10 or 15 years.

Is Bookman from Good Times still alive?

Brown is most renowned, then again, for his position as development superintendent Nathan Bookman on the Seventies CBS sitcom, Good Times….Johnny Brown (actor)

Johnny Brown
Born June 11, 1937 St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.
Other names John Brown
Occupation Actor, singer
Years lively 1961–2013

How outdated used to be Ben Powers when he died?

Alton “Ben” Powers, recognized perfect for his paintings on CBS sitcom Good Times, has died, in accordance to The Hollywood Reporter. He was once 64. Powers kicked the bucket on April 6 in New Bedford Massachusetts, in accordance to his circle of relatives obituary.

Who used to be Ben Powers husband in good times?

Powers played football player Keith Anderson, the husband of Thelma Evans, played by means of Bern Nadette Stanis, in “Good Times.” The show was a Norman Lear hit about a black circle of relatives in inner-city Chicago.

Who was the actor from Good Times that died?

Actor Ben Powers, Known For ‘Good Times’ TV Role, Dies at 64. Actor Alton “Ben” Powers, known for his position within the Nineteen Seventies CBS tv sequence “Good Times,” has died at age 64. Powers died April 6 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, according to the Auclair Funeral Home, which is handling preparations. Details weren’t released.

Where did Ben Powers cross to faculty at?

He attended the Rhode Island School of Design, and began his acting career at the Trinity Repertory Theater in Providence, his circle of relatives mentioned. Powers is survived through his mom, two sisters, two uncles, two aunts, 4 nephews and 3 nieces.