What happened to Danny and Derek Degrassi?

What happened to Danny and Derek Degrassi?

They were each on the Degrassi Football Team. They had been seen within the Season 7 opening credits together. They have been the main characters for the Degrassi Mini Dating 4 Dudes. Their friendship broke off after Danny become extra widespread and Derek left the sequence.

What happened to Liberty’s brother on Degrassi?

At the end of the film, he’s observed with Liberty and Sav at Spinner and Emma’s wedding ceremony. It is revealed that he was permitted into Cornell University.

When did Danny depart Degrassi?

At the top of season 9, Danny graduated and went on to attend school, due to this fact leaving the future of their relationship unknown, because it was never showed that they broke up or in the event that they have been still a pair.

What happened to Liberty’s child?

Liberty in season 5. Liberty and J.T. made up our minds to keep the child, and a they got again together a couple of episodes later, as a result of they still had feelings for each and every different. When Liberty discovered, she was livid and told J.T. that he was lifeless to her, so then they gave the infant up for adoption.

What happens to wheels in Degrassi?

Wheels’ existence used to be completely altered when his adoptive oldsters have been killed in a under the influence of alcohol riding collision (“Can’t Live With ‘Em Part 1”, DJH ep. 301) and he moved in with his adoptive maternal grandparents ( portrayed by means of Rod Rekofski and Dorothy Phillips).

Who is Derek in Degrassi?

Marc Donato
Derek Haig was a pupil at Degrassi Community School. He was once portrayed by Marc Donato.

Who killed JT Degrassi?

Drake Lempkey
He is sadly brutally murdered by way of being stabbed in his aorta by means of Drake Lempkey, a very under the influence of alcohol scholar from Lakehurst on the night time of Liberty’s celebration whilst he is on the lookout for her to tell her that he loves her and desires to be with her as an alternative of Mia. Liberty unearths J. T.

Who killed JT Yorke?

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