What happened with Tony Dize?

What happened with Tony Dize?

Reguetón artist Tony Dize has been ordered by means of the PR federal district court to honor quickly his agreement with song empresario Raphy Pina and his companies. He claimed that Dize overlooked paid-for displays, used to be too inebriated to take part in promotional actions, did not end recording an album, etc.

How a lot is Tony Dize net worth?

Tony Dize net worth: Tony Dize is an American reggaeton artist who has a internet price of $1 million. Tony Dize was once born in Springfield, Massachusetts in May 1982. Dize first appeared on the track “No Pierdas Tiempo” off the album Blin Blin, Vol. 1.

Is Tony Dize Puerto Rican?

Antonio Feliciano Rivera Cabrera, better recognized by way of his stage identify Tony Dize, or his other nickname, “La Melodía De La Calle”, is a Puerto Rican reggaeton artist born in Boston, Massachusetts. His first recorded efficiency was once from the album Blin Blin vol.

Who owns Pina Records?

Sony Music Latin
Interscope Records
Pina Records/Parent organizations

How much is Raphy Pina value?

As of 2021, Raphy Pina web worth is reported to be around $5 million to $Eight million….Raphy Pina Net Worth: How Rich is Raphy Pina Actually in 2021?

Full Name Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves
Profession Record Executive
Girlfriend Natti Natasha
Net Worth $Five million to $Eight million

How old is Raphy Pina?

43 years (4 July 1978)
Raphy Pina/Age

How old is Natti?

34 years (10 December 1986)
Natti Natasha/Age

Who is Natti child daddy?

Raphy Pina
Natti is engaged to Raphy Pina, a file manufacturer. The Dominican singer informed People Espanol that Pina has been very supportive.

Is Natti Natasha a child?

Natti Natasha and her fiancé Raphy Pina welcomed their first kid together. The 34-year-old singer and her 42-year-old music maven man at the moment are the proud folks of a baby girl named Vida Isabelle.