What happens if you kill General Oraka?

What happens if you kill General Oraka?

1 Answer. You will fail to realize the War Asset Black Market Artifacts. You will gain some renegade issues. Subsequently War Asset #27 – Terminus Fleet 2 will grow to be unavailable since Oraka received’t be round to prod you for it.

How do I get general Oraka guns?

Talk to the Salarian nearby within the Presidium Commons. Travel to Kite’s Nest, then to the Vular machine, and scan Vana till it pings. Proceed to probe the planet for guns. Once retrieved, go back to the seller after which to Oraka.

Where is General Oraka located?

Citadel: Presidium Commons

How do I get artifacts for kannik?

He is searching for a particular artifact. It’s on Kite’s Nest Cluster, Vular gadget, planet Vana. You have to leave the Citadel and shuttle to the Kite’s Nest at the backside right of the Milky Way. After you scan Vana, proven beneath, you can drop a probe to get better the artifact.

Where is General Septimus?

She asks Shepard to talk to a Turian General named Septimus. Go to Chora’s Den. General Septimus is in the back by Harkin.

What is the trinket Sha IRA provides you?

bonus reward

Which monkey has the module?

You’ll also see a number of monkeys, but none of them have the Data Module. The monkey with the module is tucked away in the easternmost room of the tunnels.

How do you get blue suns in Mass Effect 3?

The artifact is in Kite’s Nest on the planet Vana within the Vular device. Return the artifact to Kannik and you will obtain a praise, then talk to Oraka to complete the mission. Alternatively, you can order successful on Oraka after chatting with him. It will complete the venture instantly and grant you 5 Renegade issues.

What is a blue solar known as?

Blue stars are stars that have a minimum of thrice the mass of the Sun and up. Whether a celebrity has 10 times the mass of the Sun or one hundred fifty solar masses, it’s going to seem blue to our eyes. An instance of a blue megastar is the familiar Rigel, the brightest megastar in the constellation Orion and the sixth brightest star in the sky.

Where is Commander Bailey’s assistant?

Citadel Embassy C-Sec station