What is 12 more than a number?

What is 12 more than a number?

1 Expert Answer And in math “more than” normally means you might be adding. So 12 more than N can be 12 + N.

What does 3 more than a number imply?

“Three more than” way 3 added to some number. In this situation, let “the number” be x. “Three more than a number” is written as x+3.

What does more than in math?

more Bigger. The image > means higher than (the logo < manner less than). Example: 5 > Three shows that 5 is higher than 3.

Does more than imply upload?

“More than” way ADD. Other words that mean subtract are minus, difference, & reduced via.

Does how much imply multiply?

The Basic Operations

Symbol Words Used
+ Addition, Add, Sum, Plus, Increase, Total
Subtraction, Subtract, Minus, Less, Difference, Decrease, Take Away, Deduct
× Multiplication, Multiply, Product, By, Times, Lots Of
÷ Division, Divide, Quotient, Goes Into, How Many Times

How many more is upload or subtract?

“More” most often (but no longer always) suggests addition and “less” most often (however no longer at all times) suggests subtraction. Look out for problems where these words counsel the other of what they normally do. For example, “The Green Team had 14 players which was 2 more than the Red Team.

What is much less than a number?

< Less than—the number at the left is less than the number on the proper; 2 < 3. > Greater than—the number at the left is larger than the number at the proper; 3 > 2. ≤

What number is less than 0?

damaging number

What is 5 much less than a number?

Five less than a number (x) signifies that 5 is being detracted (subtracted) from that number.

How do you write an algebraic expression?

If x is 2, then the expression 9 + x has a price of 11. If x is 6, then the expression has a value of 15. So 9 + x is an algebraic expression. In the following few examples, we can be working only with algebraic expressions.

What is an algebraic expression in words?

Similarly, after we describe an expression in words that comes with a variable, we’re describing an algebraic expression, an expression with a variable. For instance, “three more than x” can be written because the algebraic expression. x + 3 x+ 3 x+3 .