What is a decaliter used for?

What is a decaliter used for?

Decaliter which means A metric unit of quantity equivalent to 10 liters. Dekaliter. US spelling of decalitre.

What is decaliter size?

Decaliter is a unit of measurement for volume. Decaliter is a a couple of of volume unit liter. Decaliter is additionally spelled as decalitre. One decaliter is equivalent to ten liters.

How do you write decalitre?

Notation. The image for the decalitre is “dal”. One decalitre is equivalent to 10 litres and we write: 1 dal = 10 L.

How do you abbreviate deciliter?

dL – Deci-Liter.

Is Decaliter larger than a liter?

Dekaliter, Hectoliter, Kiloliter, Cubic Meter, Cubic Kilo Meter, and Cubic Hectometer are the different quantity devices that are greater than one liter. One liter is equal with 1 Cubic decimeter, thus each and every volume gadgets above cubic decimeter are greater than one liter.

What is the Decaliter image?

SI prefixes implemented to the litre

Multiple Name Symbols
one hundred and one L decalitre dl
102 L hectolitre cl
103 L kilolitre ml
106 L megalitre μl

What is the abbreviation of hectoliter?

The abbreviation for the hectoliter is “hl.”

What is abbreviation for Hectogram?

Mass & Weight

Unit Abbreviation Approximate U.S. identical
hectogram hg 3.527 oz
dekagram dag 0.353 oz
gram g (gm) 0.035 oz
decigram dg 1.543 grain

How many gallons is a Dekaliter?

Dekaliter to Gallon (US) Conversion Table

Dekaliter [daL] Gallon (US) [gal (US)]
1 daL 2.6417205236 gal (US)
2 daL 5.2834410472 gal (US)
3 daL 7.9251615707 gal (US)
Five daL 13.2086026179 gal (US)

What is the abbreviation for the unit of measurement dekaliter?

Dekaliter is a unit of measurement that is identical to 10 liters. This is the same as 2.64 gallons of liquid measurement. The abbreviation for dekaliter is dal. Q: What is the abbreviation for dekaliter?

How giant is a dekaliter in comparison to a deciliter?

A dekaliter (DL) is 10 Liters. A deciliter (dL) is one 10th of a Liter.

What is the plural type of the word deciliter?

Full title: deciliter. Plural form: deciliters. Symbol: dL. Alternate spelling: decilitres. Category kind: volume. Scale issue: 0.0001.

What does DL stand for in size unit?

Dl is a measure of quantity. Get additional information and main points at the ‘dl’ size unit, including its image, category, and not unusual conversions from dl to different quantity gadgets.