What is a stank eye?

What is a stank eye?

/ˈstɪŋk ˌaɪ/ give sb the stink eye. US casual. to take a look at any individual in a disapproving manner: The other folks waiting to make use of the computers had been giving me the stink eye.

What is a stank in Scotland?

stank. stank. OF estanc. n. a pool, a pond, a fish pond (on an estate); the area of ground around a pond; a small semi-stagnant (overgrown) sheet of water, a stretch of slow-moving water, a gradual circulate; a ditch, an open watercourse; a gutter, a drainage channel.

What is stank face?

However, these days I noticed something deeply perplexing to me, as a musician who performs song within the custom of Black American Music (jazz, funk, and many others.): A kitty litter company has taken the time period stank face redefined it, and used it as the main hook for a large scale advertising marketing campaign. Thinks which can be funky.

Is stank a unhealthy phrase?

verb (used with out object), stank or, ceaselessly, stunk; stunk; stink·ing. to emit a sturdy offensive odor. to be offensive to honesty or propriety; to be in extraordinarily dangerous repute or disfavor.

What does skank ho mean?

noun. New Zealand derogatory, slang. a promiscuous woman. Collins English Dictionary.

What does the nickname stank mean?

Definitions come with: It way sex. stink pickle.

What is a skanky ho?

What does stank mean in a relationship?

Definitions come with: to have sexual intercourse with a woman. get some stank at the grasp down.

Is stank a Scrabble phrase?

Yes, stank is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does it mean when someone calls you stink?

slang to be totally dangerous or abhorrentthis the city stinks. casual to have a very dangerous reputationhis title stinks. to be of deficient quality. (foll via of or with) slang to have or appear to have an over the top quantity (of cash)

What is the definition of a skanky hoe?

noun. NZ slang a promiscuous girl.

What does Stanky fishy mean?

It is maximum regularly led to by way of a bacterial infection, but can also be led to by a yeast an infection or a sexually transmitted infection (STI) known as trichomoniasis. A fishy odor is a commonplace symptom.