What is a word for being pulled in different directions?

What is a word for being pulled in different directions?

Synonyms, crossword solutions and different similar words for PULLED IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS [torn]

What is referred to as wrong way?

Answer: Directions going through each and every other or one any other are known as opposite directions. For instance, in the map of India, the path East lies on the proper facet whilst the path West lies at the left aspect of the map. So, East and West are opposite directions.

What does it mean to be pulled in two directions?

to have different or opposite functions that cannot be accomplished in combination. Many of us see science and the humanities as pulling in different directions. Synonyms and related words. To disagree with any individual or something. disagree.

What is the word for to do the opposite?

n. Three antithesis, contradiction, opposite, speak, inverse, opposite, the other excessive, the opposite aspect of the coin (casual)

Is a means of pulling something down?

To demolish or wreck some structure; raze something: They’re pulling down the movie theater and striking in a buying groceries mall.

What is the an identical that means of faraway?

remotenoun. Synonyms: deficient, faint, wireless, dispassionate, outlying, incredible, hidden, abysmal, got rid of, far away, disconnected, aloof, far, withdrawn, hands-free.

What is the synonym of divergent?

Frequently Asked Questions About divergent Some commonplace synonyms of divergent are different, disparate, various, and various. While these types of phrases imply “unlike in sort or character,” divergent implies motion clear of each and every different and unlikelihood of final assembly or reconciliation.

What does the word reverse directions in the ultimate sentence recommend?

The phrase’reverse directions’means that each their directions were different. In the other sense, the author’s approach was once a sumptuous one as he used to be an informed one and a government officer.

When one thing is the other of what it seems?

Antiphrasis is the rhetorical instrument of saying the other of what is in fact meant in such a method that it is evident what the actual goal is. Some authors deal with and use antiphrasis simply as irony, euphemism or litotes.

What does pull in different / opposite directions mean?

be pulled in different​/​reverse directions to be in a situation in which you’re feeling loyalty to opposing goals or other folks Synonyms and comparable words Definition and synonyms of pull in different / reverse directions from the web English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

Which is the other of push, pull or oppose?

The same old reverse of push is pull.The opposite of push (press, advocate) could be oppose.Pull. Which mt form when forces pull from opposite direction? The type of mountain that forms when forces pull from reverse directions is the fault-block mountain. What reasons a bulge to be created on the reverse facet of the moon?

Which is the other of draw or repel?

The opposite of draw (pull toward) is push (away). Also repel or repulse. The reverse of draw (depict) might be to erase. The reverse of draw (breath) is exhale. What reasons ocean tides?

What is every other word for ” in opposition to “?

unsympathetic to. brushing aside. in the face of. at odds with. in defiance of. in contempt of. inimical to. now not in accord with. “The new class of superstition used to be legitimated as being in opposition to science and political fact.”.