What is CC true name?

What is CC true name?

Her actual name is Yuki Shiroi (snow white) in Japanese. Lelouch used a word play proper after he repeats her name (muted by the sound of a water drop) to mention that he likes her name, announcing: “C.C. I don’t know why the snow is white, but I believe white snow is lovely, I don’t hate it”.

Who is Code Geass very best lady?

Anime and Manga – Other Titles

  • CC. 40.6% (108 votes) 108.
  • Kallen. 30.45% (81 votes)
  • Shirley. 6.77% (18 votes)
  • Milly. 3.38% (Nine votes)
  • Anya. 2.26% (6 votes)
  • Nina. 3.01% (Eight votes)
  • Villetta. 2.26% (6 votes)
  • Euphemia. 4.89% (13 votes)

Is Lelouch the strongest?

Lelouch vi Britannia also known as the Black Prince, Zero, the Demon Emperor and Lulu. Lelouch used to be neither the strongest nor the fastest or even the neatest character in Code Geass. However what he was even though, used to be a survivor. Lulu spent most of his existence hiding who he was.

How did Suzaku live on?

He escaped from his Machine in seconds ahead of it blew up, once more Live Geass doesnt give him any super powers. Kallen got the hit first and she went down first and passed out first as neatly, whilst Suzaku ofcourse was still alive and had live on an explosion of his mecha in seconds.

Did Lelouch in fact die?

At the top of the collection Lelouch sacrificed himself and brought peace to the sector however via death permanently he would have by no means been able to meet his promise that he made to her.

Does 0 kill Euphemia?

She stocks the same destiny as she did in the anime, the place she had arrange the Special Administrative Zone of Japan most effective to have it end in a crisis as she was once by chance Geassed by Lelouch to kill all the Japanese. Euphemia was once later killed by means of Zero, who used her actions to fan the flames of the Black Rebellion.

Why did Suzaku kill his father?

In the unconventional “issue 0” it is revealed that Suzaku killed his father months ahead of the preventing formally began. After listening to that his father will sacrifice the Japanese army by refusing to give up to Britannia, Genbu also plans to kill Nunnally as a political choose to an unnamed member of the royal circle of relatives.

Can Lelouch use his Geass greater than once?

Yep he can use one time on each and every individual (except with the canceler) He can’t use it on C.C. because geass doesn’t work on immortals. However, if a Geass Canceller is used, Lelouch can use his geass to influence the similar target.

Does Suzaku know Lelouch is zero?

Both Euphie and Shirley by no means unmasked Zero, even once they knew who he is, so Suzaku believed that Lelouch was once telling the truth when he said that he never meant to kill Euphie and that he was fighting for all of humanity. As such, that kind of gave their friendship another likelihood.

Does Zero ever disclose his id?

Plot. With Cornelia grievously injured, Zero appears before her and reveals his id as Lelouch to her. She isn’t shocked, as she realizes his grudge in opposition to the Britannian Imperial Family and his obsession with Nunnally.

Who is better Lelouch or Suzaku?

So that’s why LELOUCH IS JUST ONE STEP AHEAD, SUZAKU IS BEHIND. But Suzaku lead a dark existence too. Suzaku nonetheless has to do excellent deeds to in the end be free and die. Well, he is the new Zero.

Who is Lelouch brother?

Rolo Lamperouge (ロロ. ランペルージ, Roro Ranperūji), 16 years old, used to be a character introduced in the second one season of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2….

Rolo Lamperouge
Nationality: Britannian
Relatives: Lelouch Lamperouge (Foster Brother)