What is Dave Williams secret in Desperate Housewives?

What is Dave Williams secret in Desperate Housewives?

Creepy Dave sees dead people: As most viewers successfully guessed from Day One, Dave Williams is the widower of the woman and five-year-old girl who were killed in the car accident with Mike and Susan five years ago. The accident is what drove Mike and Susan apart, and Dave blames Mike for the loss of his family.

What happens to Dave on Desperate Housewives?

Dave makes one last attempt to take revenge on Susan by taking her and M.J. on a trip for fishing, while Mike discovers that Dave is really David Dash and his wife and daughter were killed in the car crash that broke up their marriage.

Who kills Mike Delfino?

James Denton didn’t seem to have a problem with his character, Mike Delfino, being killed off in last night’s episode of Desperate Housewives. “It’s actually brilliant,” Denton told EW, of the way Mike was shot in retaliation by a loan shark. “As an actor, you just hope people care.”

Who killed Edie Britt?

However after a series of witty exchanges, sabotage schemes, blackmail, and suicide attempts, in Season 5 Edie was unexpectedly killed from an electric shock during a car accident. Edie said it best: “She died just the way she lived. The complete and utter center of attention.”

What is wrong with Dave Williams?

Dave does not make it to the funeral after he suffers a nervous breakdown and is put into a mental hostpital. Dave however changes his last name to Williams and moves back to Fairview. He eventually meets Edie Britt who happened to live on Wisteria Lane with the two people who killed his family.

Why is Dave on Wisteria Lane?

Dave Williams (formerly David Dash) is a seasonal main antagonist and mystery star of Desperate Housewives. Introduced as Edie’s third and last husband in season 5, Dave comes to Wisteria Lane with a vendetta plan to put into motion, with the intent of avenging his deceased former family.

Does Susan go to jail Desperate Housewives?

Unaware that Felicia is helping prepare his meals, Paul has Susan arrested for attempting to kill him. Eventually, Susan is released, Paul confesses to the murder of Martha Huber, and Felicia presumably dies in a car crash while fleeing town. Susan and her family move back onto Wisteria Lane.

Does Edie get pregnant?

After years of abuse and neglect, Edie left home and set up her own real estate company. She then married her first husband, Dr. Charles McLain and quickly became pregnant with her only child, Travers McLain.

Who is Edies husband?

Dave Williams
Dave Williams (Desperate Housewives)

Dave Williams
Neal McDonough as Dave Williams
Desperate Housewives character
Portrayed by Neal McDonough
Duration 2008–09

Does Tom sleep with Claire?

Towards the end of Season 4, Claire and Tom sleep together — which has probably been a long time coming. However, it is a scene between them in the Season 3 finale that motivates Claire to walk out on Frank in that big confrontation.

Who is the actor who plays Dave on Desperate Housewives?

Dave Williams (Desperate Housewives) David “Dave” Williams (formerly David Dash) is a fictional character from the ABC television series Desperate Housewives, portrayed by Neal McDonough and created by Marc Cherry.

How did Dave and Edie get married on Desperate Housewives?

A flashback reveals that Dave married Edie after learning she once lived on Wisteria Lane and never sold the house. Later, Edie decides she does not want to be alone and takes him back. Dave then plans a camping trip with Mike and his girlfriend Katherine Mayfair and tricks Edie into staying home.

Who was Dave Dash’s brother in the show Wisteria Lane?

Introduced as Edie ‘s third and last husband in season 5, Dave comes to Wisteria Lane with a vendetta plan to put into motion, with the intent of avenging his deceased former family. When David Dash was born, he had a brother named Steven Dash. When Dave was about eighteen, Steven got ill and the Dash’s used all of the money to help him.

Who is Dave Williams wife in Wisteria Lane?

He goes back to his car and tells the woman in it that he got the house, it is Edie Britt: his wife. The women realise that Edie has returned to Wisteria Lane with her new husband and are shocked to see how he “tamed” her and they love him for it.