What is Ma Cherie mean?

What is Ma Chérie mean?

ma chérie m / f. expensive heart.

Does a man say ma cherie?

In other words, don’t address a person as ma cherie. It’s feminine the entire means. Ma is the feminine model of my and used simplest with women folk; mon is the male model of my.

Is it Ma Cher or mon cher?

Chéri is from a French verb form for “beloved” and mon is the male personal pronoun “my.” So, your chéri is any person you prize and treasure. The female an identical is ma chérie. Mon chéri is on occasion shortened to mon cher.

Is it Cher or Chere?

In the second one sentence cher will at all times be in the neutral masculine shape, without reference to the gender of the noun. Christine, when “cher” is an adjective (“chère Martine”, “elle est chère, cette voiture!”), the adjective adjustments depending at the gender of the noun.

Is Ma Coeur proper?

It should be “mon”. this is a litteral translation of something which isn’t proper in French. Coeur = middle, that is masculine in French so it must be “Mon coeur”.

What does my Cherie Amour mean?

In the songfacts, it says that “My Cherie Amour” is French for “My Dearest Love”. However, from what I’ve learned from a foreign exchange scholar, a Native of France named Stephanie, “My Cherie Amour” actually translates to, “My Darling Love”.

What is the meaning of Ma Cherie?

It most often way darling. People say it approach love, like thanks, my love. But, adults use this on children as a form of endearment. The form you write it in was feminine so this could be used for women like “Merci, ma cherie” meaning “Thank you, darling”.

What does Ma chere mean?

Ma chere is used to deal with the feminine gender and Mon cher is used to handle the masculine gender. Ma chere/ Mon cher mean “My Dear”. When it comes to ‘Ma cherie’, it is again used to address the feminine gender but in a cherished way via one’s spouse specifically. It way “My sweetheart”.

What does Ma Charie mean?

What does ma chérie mean in French? ma chérie. English Translation. my sweetheart. More meanings for ma chérie. my good woman noun. ma chérie.