What is procedure 110 Montauk?

What is procedure 110 Montauk?

Procedure 110-Montauk is to be carried out at least once each 24 hours by way of Class D Personnel. During Procedure 110-Montauk, no less than one Security Clearance 4/231 workforce member will have to monitor the procedure through digital camera always, even though the sound is also grew to become off if the vocalizations of SCP-231-7 turn out to be too distressing.

What is Operation Montauk?

Coordinates: 41°03′44″N 71°52′26″W The Montauk Project is a conspiracy theory that alleges there were a sequence of secret United States govt initiatives carried out at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station in Montauk, New York, for the aim of developing mental war techniques and exotic research …

What did SCP 231 1 give delivery to?

(*110*) if certainly one of them offers delivery, It will purpose a match that could motive many casualties. 231 1-7 is discovered via the root from the orginozation called Children of the Scarlet King. 231-1 died whilst giving beginning to a SCP. 231-Five gave start whilst D class are within the containment chamber.

What SCP number is the scarlet king?


What is the most powerful SCP ever?


What is the friendliest SCP?

I feel that Bes and 507 are the go-to friendliest SCPs. SCP-1440 held no grudges against the Foundation, SCP-2800 will get on with them pretty smartly, and the half-cat who’s quantity I will’t remember is principally an office puppy

What is the least frightening SCP?

The 10 Least Scary SCP Entries

  • No. !- SCP-999: “The Tickle Monster”
  • No. %- SCP-050: “To The Cleverest”
  • No. $- SCP-082: “Fernand the Cannibal”
  • No. &- SCP-131: “The Eye Pods”
  • No. ~: SCP- 368: “The Paper Crane”
  • No ()- SCP-294: “The Coffee Machine” The best part of waking up is LITERALLY ANYTHING for your cup.
  • No.
  • No.

What SCP quantity is God?

Why does SCP-173 poop?

It’s face is flushed and contorted as if in mid-tantrum. In my headcanon it’s an infant in need of constant upkeep and a spotlight to guarantee its survival. It actually feeds off attention and “converts” it into waste.

Who is stronger than the scarlet king?

The Scarlet King is one of the vital weakest demons, Yaldabaoth could also simply beat the Scarlet King, as Mek and Yalda are as robust as each and every different.

Who can beat SCP 682?

Yep there is no victory for scp 682. This is a God That is all mighty all-knowing All-powerful that Jesus Christ can use to dam anyone there is nothing the scp 682 can do to Adapt to this it’ll spoil him regardless of what (*110*) why as a result of this typhoon is likely the one who God controls with his energy through him.

Who would win SCP-682 or Godzilla?

Godzilla is simply bigger and stronger than 682’s customary shape, so it wins. R2: 682 shitstomps. 682’s canonical ability is that it may adapt to pretty much anything else. Black holes, vaporization, nuclear guns, different SCPs, nothing harms it.

What did SCP 173 do to 682?

SCP-173 is observed to have tissue from SCP-682 on its “palms”. SCP-682 hastily regenerates harm, and moves to a different wall, creating a number of sets of eyes on more than a few portions of its body, many coated by way of thick, clear “caps” of armored carapace.

Can a nuke kill SCP 096?

096 has been shown to be very resilient, but it might be able to be neutralized via a nuclear explosion, however the usage of such weapons can be excessive.