What is Richie Rosato doing now?

What is Richie Rosato doing now?

Richie were acting as a soloist and later traveling around the world with the NJ based showband The Infernos. Rosato is now retired.

When did Richie Rosato join the duprees?

Mike Arnone trademarked The Duprees name and kept the gang going into the Eighties with leads Johnny Petillo and Richie Rosato, with replacement singers Al Latta, Bob Leszczak, from 1981–83.

Are the unique duprees nonetheless alive?

ORIGINAL DUPREES Michael Arnone: Died in 2005 at 63. Joe Santollo: Died in 1981 at 37. John Salvato: Left workforce in 1982.

What came about to Mike Kelly of the Duprees?

Mike Kelly, the lead singer for the Duprees from 1964 to 1977, passed away on Tuesday, August 7 from headaches of kidney failure. He was 68. Kelly died at his home in Burlington, NC. The singer was born with only one kidney and were struggling with renal disease for the last two years.

How most of the original duprees are still alive?

Yet Bialoglow, 70, is a rock ‘n’ roll pioneer. He and 71-year-old John Salvato are the only two surviving authentic individuals of the Duprees, the Jersey City vocal quintet that hit the big time in 1962 with “You Belong to Me” sooner than achieving the charts with a number of memorable follow-ups.

Are any of the original duprees nonetheless alive?

Why did Joey Vann leave the duprees?

At this time, in 1964, Joey Vann left The Duprees to pursue a solo career and recorded a single for Coed. It was once a Joni James hit entitled “MY LOVE, MY LOVE” (which coincidentally would later be released by The Duprees).

Is Joey Canzano nonetheless alive?

Joey was once the unique lead singer for The Duprees. Joseph Canzano aka Joey Vann, sometimes called “Chubby,” was an original member of the doo wop workforce The Duprees….Joseph John “Chubby” Canzano.

Birth 3 Apr 1943 Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey, USA
Death 28 Feb 1984 (elderly 40) Englewood, Bergen County, New Jersey, USA

What came about Joey Vann?

ORIGINAL DUPREES Joey Canzano (Joey Vann): Left staff in 1964. Died in 1984 at 40.

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