What is setting of thank you ma am?

What is setting of thank you ma am?

“Thank You, M’am,” via Langston Hughes, is set in Harlem, a com- munity in New York.

What does the setting of the story inform you about Mrs Jones’s lifestyles?

Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones is a poor however humble and hard-working girl. Her house is reflective of her Spartan lifestyle: She boards in a house which other families share and lives in one room with a kitchenette and daybed on which she sleeps.

Why is the setting vital in the story thank you ma am?

The setting is important as it if truth be told helps to influence and even power the motion. Roger can have expected a single woman strolling through the city on my own at night time to be a very simple target, and he indisputably learns his lesson from Mrs. Jones. Bridgett Sumner, M.A.

What is the theme of thank you ma’am in a sentence?

The major theme on this brief story is the facility of kindness. The story displays how a type gesture can soften the heart of a thieving teen. When Roger gets caught by means of Mrs. Jones, he expects her to take him to the police.

How did Roger change in thank you ma am?

In Langston Hughes’ “Thank You, Ma’am,” the protagonist, Roger, is modified when Mrs. Jones presentations him kindness after he attempts to steal her purse. This quote displays kindness as a result of Mrs. Jones gives to let him wash his face and cares if he is clean.

What does Mrs Jones give Roger in the quick story thank you ma am?

She assumes that Roger wants money so that he should purchase meals and when he unearths that he actually desires to shop for a pair of blue suede shoes she is not offended however recalls when she “wanted things I could now not get.” Mrs Jones provides Roger the $10 in order that he doesn’t scouse borrow it from any individual else and to in all probability give him an …

Which statement highest expresses the theme of the tale in thank you ma am?

One theme in Thank you, Ma’am is the facility of compassion. After just about having her handbag stolen through Roger, Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones has each proper to turn towards him in anger and even demand some form of justice. However, she meets Roger with compassion, going as far as to open her house to him.

What theme about kindness and agree with is communicated in the tale thank you ma am?

mwestwood, M.A. Langston Hughes appears to be transmitting the thematic message that kindness and trust regularly make profoundly positive impacts upon those who commit misdeeds which might be much more effective than punitive measures.

Where does the story happen in Thank You, Ma’am?

The more particular setting of the story is at evening, first on the street the place Roger tries to thieve Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones’s handbag and due to this fact in her room in a boarding house where she feeds Roger, tells him about her life, and provides him cash to buy the shoes he desires.

What used to be the setting of Langston hughes’thank you Ma’am?

Though Hughes doesn’t explicitly state what the setting of the tale is, there are some clues that point out the general place and period of time.

What are the subjects in Thank you Ma’am?

Thank You Ma’am Summary, Themes. In the beginning of the story, a boy named Roger makes an attempt to steal Ms. Jones’s purse in the center of the night time however fails to run away with it because of its heaviness. Consequently, Ms. Jones angrily lectures him and hauls him away. Instead of bringing him to the police station through which the reader (and Roger)

Who is the boy in Thank you Ma’am?

In the start of the story, a boy named Roger attempts to scouse borrow Ms. Jones’s handbag within the middle of the night however fails to run away with it because of its heaviness. Consequently, Ms. Jones angrily lectures him and hauls him away.