What is the biblical meaning of the name Claire?

What is the biblical meaning of the name Claire?

This name is mentioned in the Bible in Corinthians 1:11. Clara or Klara is a feminine given name. … The name Claire means Illustrious, Enlightened and is of French origin.Claire is a name that’s been used primarily by means of folks who’re taking into account baby names for women..

Is Claire a excellent name?

Claire has a crisp, candy and clear sound. Today it is a most sensible ladies’ name in the US and still gaining popularity.

What does the name Claire imply in Irish?

Meaning of the Irish name Claire. MEANING: A medieval name derived from Latin clarus ”transparent, vibrant, famous.” St. Claire, a follower of St. Francis of Assisi, who left her wealthy family to found the order of nuns referred to as the “Poor Clares,” has all the time been very revered in Ireland and the name is still fashionable as of late.

What is the religious meaning of the name Claire?

Clare was the name of a number of saints being the most outstanding Clara of Assisi of the founder of the Order of the Poor Clares. It may also be translated as “wonderful” or “illustrious”. Claire is also related to the word “clamo” whose meaning remains the same.

What name is going with Claire?

Here’s my list of names that go completely with Claire and are positive to get you headed down the proper trail!

  • Claire Addison.
  • Claire Alexandra.
  • Claire Amelia.
  • Claire Ann.
  • Claire Audrey.
  • Claire Belle.
  • Claire Brooklyn.
  • Claire Daphne.

Is Claire a wonderful name?

The name Claire is from Latin meaning brilliant, transparent, and famous. It’s a lovely center name and primary name. I feel Claire is a pleasant, simple, and stylish name. So pretty but I love it better for a center name.

How do you spell Claire in Irish?

Claire in Irish is Clár.

What does Claire imply in Latin?

In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Claire is: From the female shape of the Latin adjective ‘clarus’ meaning brilliant or clear. Also outstanding. Famous bearer: Twelfth century St Clare (or Clara) of Assisi founded the Poor Clares order of nuns.

What is the persona of the name Claire?

The main characteristics of other folks named Claire are their creative sensitivity, their sense of justice, meticulousness and demanding pondering. They are also identified via their altruism and their communicative nature.

Which is more commonplace Claire or Clare?

Claire is indisputably the most commonplace spelling. I’m now not pregnant however TTC and Clare is at the most sensible of our listing for girls.

What is a good heart name to head with Grace?

Good center names for Grace

  • Grace Adeline.
  • Grace Addison.
  • Grace Alexandra.
  • Grace Alexis.
  • Grace Alyssa.
  • Grace Amari.
  • Grace Amelia.
  • Grace Anabelle.