What is the color code of a 10k resistor?

What is the color code of a 10k resistor?

Technical Specifications

Resistance 10K ohm
Color Code Brown / Black / Orange / Gold
Type Carbon Film
Voltage Maximum Operating 350V
Polarization None

How do you determine resistor color code?

Reading and Determining the Resistor Value Hold the resistor with the gold or silver band to the right and skim the color codes from the left to the right. Select the color codes from the bands on the resistor. Read the colours from left to right. The resistance price in response to the color code provided is now displayed.

What is a 10k resistor?

If you had a 10K Ohm resistor, you can have 6/10,000 amperes of current flowing in the circuit. A 10k ohm resistor has 4 color bands: brown, black, orange, and gold for five% tolerance, respectively. A 1k ohm resistor has 4 color bands: brown, black, pink, and gold for 5% tolerance, respectively.

How do you calculate resistors in a circuit?

If the total current and the voltage across the entire circuit, you’ll to find the general resistance the use of Ohm’s Law: R = V / I. For instance, a parallel circuit has a voltage of Nine volts and overall current of Three amps. The overall resistance RT = 9 volts / 3 amps = Three Ω.

Why can we use 10K resistor?

This Resistor controls the collector present passing in the transistor and affects the bais point . So in keeping with the explicit amplification (GAIN) the designer wanted has choosen this resistor to be 10k using the fundamental transistor equations.

What is code for 11K ohm resistor?

11K Ohm Resistor Color Code: Brown, Brown, Orange, Golden.

What is the color code for 10K ohm resistors?

10k / 10k ohm Resistor Colour Code. Value: 10 kΩ: Type: 4 Band Colour Code: Colour Code: Brown, Black, Orange, Gold: Multiplier: Orange, 1000: Tolerance: Gold Band ±5%: Related Articles. Resistor Colour Code Standard Resistor Values Ohm’s Law Resistors in Parallel Resistors in Series

How do you learn the resistor color code?

How to Read Resistor Colour Code? To learn them, grasp the resistor such that the tolerance band is in your proper. The tolerance band is most often gold or silver in color and is placed a little additional clear of the other bands. Starting from your left, be aware down all the colours of the bands and write them down in collection.

What’s the last band of a 10K resistor?

The multimeter reads moderately kind of the worth of the exact 10k resistor color code. This is because the 10k resistor color code final band tolerance price reads as a gold band which is 5%.

What type of resistor has Five color bands?

Such registers are known as carbon composition resistors. The other varieties of resistors are carbon movie resistors, steel movie resistors, and wire-wound resistors. The colour code of the resistor indicates the price of resistance and its share reliability for tolerance. But at the moment register additionally has five colour band on its outer casing.