What is the correct abbreviation for Massachusetts?

What is the correct abbreviation for Massachusetts?

Mass. MA

State Abbrev- iation Postal code
Massachusetts Mass. MA
Michigan Mich. MI
Minnesota Minn. MN
Mississippi Miss. MS

What is abbreviated MA?

MA. Massachusetts (US postal abbreviation) MA.

What is the abbreviation for Boston Massachusetts?

BOS is a not unusual shortening of the city of Boston, Massachusetts and an internet acronym, incessantly standing for boyfriend or boss over shoulder.

What state makes use of the initials MA?

Two-Letter State Abbreviations


What is the proper option to abbreviate States?

When states seem in bibliographies, tabular topic, lists, and mailing addresses they’re generally abbreviated. When a state name is adopted by means of a zipper code, you will have to all the time use the two-letter, no-period abbreviation (see underneath). The United States Postal provider prefers those abbreviations.

Whats is MA?

M.A. A Master of Arts from the Latin Magister Artium, is a kind of Master’s stage awarded via universities in many nations. The M.A. is usually contrasted with the M.S. or M.Sc. degrees.

What is MA geology?

mega annum
Using the clinical notation for geological time, that is 4,570 Ma (for mega annum or “millions of years”) or 4.57 Ga (for giga annum or billions of years).

Do’s stand for?

A DOS, or disk running device, is an running machine that runs from a disk force. The time period too can check with a selected circle of relatives of disk running methods, maximum commonly MS-DOS, an acronym for Microsoft DOS. DOS is also used to explain a number of an identical command-line disk working methods.

Whats POS method?

point of sale
Key Takeaways. Some degree of sale (POS) is a place the place a buyer executes the payment for items or services and where gross sales taxes might become payable. A POS transaction may happen in particular person or online, with receipts generated both in print or electronically.

What is the abbreviation for all 50 states?

Alabama AL Ala.
Alaska AK Alaska
Arizona AZ Ariz.
Arkansas AR Ark.

How did states get their abbreviations?

History. In 1831 and 1874, the United States Postal Service published a most popular record of state abbreviations. In 1963, the put up administrative center enforce the five-digit ZIP Code which would be written after the state abbreviation. At this time, many state abbreviations had been made up of 4 letters.

Can you abbreviate State on mail?

1.9 | Abbreviate States Abbreviate U.S. states, Washington D.C. and U.S. territories with the USPS-approved 2-letter postal codes. Avoid confusing the USPS-approved abbreviations with different state abbreviations like WASH as an alternative of WA. Also, take into accout two areas are preferred between the state and ZIP Code.