What is the correct name for the compound pf5?

What is the correct name for the compound pf5?

Phosphorus pentafluoride

PubChem CID 24295
Molecular Formula F5P
Synonyms PHOSPHORUS PENTAFLUORIDE Pentafluorophosphorane 7647-19-0 Phosphorane, pentafluoro- Phosphorus(V) fluoride More…
Molecular Weight g/mol
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What is the name of CBr4?

carbon tetrabromide

What is the structure of pf5?

Phosphorus pentafluoride

Solubility in water hydrolysis
Molecular shape trigonal bipyramidal
Dipole moment 0 D

What is hybridization in alcl3?

The Hybridisation of Al is sp2. Explanation: Outer most electrons in AL is 3 and it is used to shape 3 bonds with 3 Chlorine atoms. Hybridization = sigma bonds + lone pairs….

Which of the following CH bond has lowest bond dissociation energy?

Tertiary (30) C−H bond has the lowest dissociation power on account of longer bond duration.

Which of the following molecules has the smallest bond attitude?

More the choice of lone pairs, smaller is the angle. Out of H2O, H2S and H2Se, H-Se-H angle in H2Se is least (91∘). Step via step answer by experts that will help you doubtful clearance & scoring excellent marks in tests….

Which of the following will have weakest indicated CH bond?

The compound that may have the weakest indicated C-H bond is the one in possibility 1….

Which of the following compounds possess the CH bond?

Since the stability of the radicals shaped from toluene, benzene, n-pentane, 2, 2-dimethylpropane follows the order : C6H5⋅CH2>(CH3)3⋅C>CH3⋅CHCH2CH2CH3>⋅C6H5, subsequently, the C-H bond of toluene has the lowest bond dissociation power.

What is the Iupac name for toluene?


Which of the following compound is most powerful acid?

Among the following compounds, the most powerful acid is :

  • HC≡CH.
  • C6H6.
  • C2H6.
  • CH3OH.

Which of the following Cannot show Tautomerism?

CH3CH2OH is called ethyl alcohol. It accommodates a unmarried bond between carbon atoms and is a saturated molecule however does now not comprise alpha hydrogen. Hence it does not display tautomerism.