What is the correct plural for cello?

What is the correct plural for cello?

noun. cel·​lo | \ ˈche-(ˌ)lō \ plural cellos also celli\ ˈche-​lē \

How do you spell Chelo?

noun, plural cel·los. the second largest member of the violin family, rested vertically on the floor between the performer’s knees when being played.

What is the plural of moose?

See the full definition for moose in the English Language Learners Dictionary. moose. noun. \ ˈmüs \ plural moose.

What does cello mean?

/ˈtʃel.oʊ/ plural cellos (formal violoncello) B2. a wooden musical instrument with four strings, that is held vertically between the legs and is played by moving a bow across the strings: My girlfriend plays the cello.

What is the word cellist mean?

the cello
: a person who plays the cello.

What is the plural of Domino?

noun. dom·​i·​no | \ ˈdä-mə-ˌnō \ plural dominoes or dominos.

Is cello an instrument?

Cello, also called violoncello, French violoncelle, German cello or violoncello, bass musical instrument of the violin group, with four strings, pitched C–G–D–A upward from two octaves below middle C.

What is the plural of elk?

noun, plural elks, (especially collectively) elk for 1, 2. Also called European elk. the moose, Alces alces. Also called American elk, wapiti.

Why is the plural of sheep sheep?

The reason “sheep” doesn’t have a separate plural form is by chance. In Middle English, the suffix -s was appended to nearly all nouns to form plurals. This phenomenon replaced the plural forms of Old English—e.g., Old English handa became hands in Middle English.

Is the word cello Italian?

And even though it was always played between the legs, the instrument we now call the cello was first called the basso di viola da braccio, or “bass arm viola.” The word cello, believe it or not, comes from an Italian word meaning “little big viola.” And in English, violoncello usually gets shortened… to cello.

How many types of cellos are there?

They are typically classified into four levels: beginner, intermediate, performer, and top-line.

Did Coulson date a cellist?

Here are the facts: In the Avengers, we discover that Coulson began dating The Cellist at some point after his time in New Mexico in Thor. She lives in Portland, Oregon and Pepper Potts thoroughly approves of their relationship.

Which is the correct plural of cello or cellos?

The Quick Answer. The plural of cello is cellos .

What’s the difference between a cello and a viola?

Definition of cello : the bass member of the violin family tuned an octave below the viola : a large stringed instrument of the violin family that plays the bass part

What are some historical examples of the cello?

Historical Examples of cello. A very capable workman, some of his ‘cello bows are excellent. To the left was the orchestra, a violin, ‘cello and bass viol. There are also sonatas for violin and for ‘cello with piano, and a piano scherzo.

Who is the cello player for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra?

Feature performance by Chloe Trevor, violin; Emileigh Vandiver, cello; Jonathan Tsay, piano. — Tim Diovanni, Dallas News, 16 June 2021 The opening festivities also featured a flyover and a cello rendition of the National Anthem by Kentucky native Ben Sollee.