What is the correct way to say purple in Spanish?

What is the correct way to say purple in Spanish?

Purple in Spanish usually is translated as “morado,” which is pronounced moh-RAH-doh. The “r” is no longer rolled in this word. Violeta is pronounced vee-oh-LAY-tah. The Spanish language additionally has another phrase for purple, púrpura (POOR-poor-ah).

How do you say purple in Mexican?

How To Name And Pronounce Colors In Spanish

  1. The shade — el coloration.
  2. Red — rojo.
  3. Orange — naranja.
  4. Yellow — amarillo.
  5. Green — verde.
  6. Blue — azul.
  7. Purple —lila.
  8. Pink — rosa.

What coloration is Morado?

Color Purple
El Color Morado (The Color Purple)

How do you say purple in Spanish for the masculine plural shape?

We too can use the color as a noun, at all times in its masculine singular form: El violeta es un shade muy bonito. (El coloration violeta…)…Related classes.

Masculine singular morado
Feminine singular morada
Masculine plural morados
Feminine plural moradas
English purple

What color is Azul Claro?

Colores – Colours

Español English
rosa crimson
azul claro mild blue
azul oscuro darkish blue
azul intenso deep blue

How do you say purple in Colombia?


  1. Spanish (Colombia)
  2. Spanish (Chile)

What coloration is Purpura in Spanish?

El color púrpura / The Color Purple (Spanish Edition) Mass Market Paperback – October 23, 2018.

Is Amarillo a color?

Amarillo is the Spanish phrase for yellow.

Does Morado imply purple?

purple; lilac; lavender; violet.

Is Morado Purple?

Its title is derived from the Spanish word “morado” which means that “purple.” It does now not show off “play-of-color.” Its attractiveness is in its superb purple and white colors that meet in dramatic and subtle combinations and patterns. Morado is one in every of the least dear opals capable of generating designer-grade cabochons.