What is the difference between intrusion and extrusion?

What is the difference between intrusion and extrusion?

An intrusion is any body of intrusive igneous rock, formed from magma that cools and solidifies within the crust of the planet. In distinction, an extrusion is composed of extrusive rock, formed above the floor of the crust.

What is the difference between volcanic rocks and plutonic rocks?

This magma cools down or solidifies under the floor to shape plutonic rocks….Plutonic Rocks:

Volcanic Rocks Plutonic Rocks
Volcanic rocks are igneous rocks that are formed above the floor from the lava. Plutonic rocks are igneous rocks which can be shaped deep under the Earth’s surface from the magma.

What are extrusive and intrusive rock formed?

Extrusive rocks are formed on the floor of the Earth from lava, which is magma that has emerged from underground. Intrusive rocks are shaped from magma that cools and solidifies inside of the crust of the planet.

Is syenite intrusive or extrusive?

Syenite is an intrusive rock, belonging to the alkali sequence of intermediate plutonic rocks.

Is intrusive igneous rock cooled and solidified above flooring?

Intrusive igneous rock is cooled and solidified above floor. Typically it’s formed from lava , which comes from underground. That’s why it’s known as intrusive.

What is an intrusive igneous rock that is dark colored?

Gabbro is a coarse-grained, dark-colored, intrusive igneous rock. It is generally black or dark green in color and composed basically of the minerals plagioclase and augite. It is the maximum plentiful rock in the deep oceanic crust. Gabbro has numerous makes use of in the development industry.

Is slate intrusive or extrusive?

1 Answer. Neither in point of fact! Intrusive & Extrusive rocks are a classification of igneous rock sorts! Slate is a Metamorphic rock formed via heat and power from deep inside of the earth.