What is the exact opposite of Expand?

What is the exact opposite of Expand?

What is the opposite of expand?

shrink decrease
lower minify
shorten compress
curtail deflate
end fall

What is the perfect antonym for Expand?

antonyms for expand

  • skinny.
  • conceal.
  • lessen.
  • compress.
  • lower.
  • prohibit.
  • narrow.
  • hinder.

Is cave in opposite of Expand?

The opposite of collapse is expand, which makes the complete department visible.

What is the synonym for Expand?

Some not unusual synonyms of expand are enlarge, dilate, distend, inflate, and swell. While these kinds of words mean “to extend in measurement or volume,” expand may practice regardless of the approach of increase (corresponding to growth, unfolding, addition of parts).

What is the opposite of expand in math?

Factorising is the opposite procedure of expanding brackets. A factorised solution will at all times comprise a suite of brackets.

What’s any other phrase for expandable?

What is another phrase for expandable?

scalable obtainable
ductile elastic
flexible leading edge
malleable plastic

What’s the opposite of flexion?

The motion at a joint which decreases the angle between two adjoining frame segments is know as flexion. The opposite motion is extension, where the angle between body segments is increased.

What is the opposite of collapsed?

Antonyms for the word “collapse” include accomplishment, good fortune, rejuvenation, revitalization, inflate, upward thrust, swell, pan out, succeed,…

What is the opposite process of enlargement?

What is the opposite of expansion?

relief decrease
drop-off reversion
step down aid in measurement
retrogradation deterioration
backsliding lapse

What is to expand in mathematics?

To expand a bracket means to multiply each and every term in the bracket by means of the expression outside the bracket. For example, in the expression 3 ( m + 7 ) , multiply each. and 7 by means of 3, so: 3 ( m + 7 ) = 3 × m + 3 × 7 = 3 m + 21 .

What is the opposite of extendable?

Adjective. ▲ Opposite of succesful of being prolonged. inextensible.

What is the opposite word for increasing?

In normal, adjectives and adverbs have opposite meanings, that is, phrases reporting high quality and quantity steadily have opposite words. Expand method; widen, expand, amplify, magnify, become or make better or extra in depth. Opposites of Expand; narrow.

What is the antonym of expanded?

Antonyms of expand comprises: close. compress. decrease. diminish. end. halt. conceal.

What is the opposite word for expanded?

The opposite of the phrase “expand” is “contract.” Below are examples of those words. Water expands when it freezes and becomes ice, but maximum (if now not all) metals contract once they get chilly.

What is the opposite of expanded shape?

The opposite operation of enlargement (i.e., inward enlargement) is called contraction. Expansion is a different case of snubification through which no twist occurs. The following desk summarizes some expansions of some unit edge period Platonic and Archimedean solids , the place is the displacement and is the golden ratio.