What is the formula for sulfur hexachloride?

What is the formula for sulfur hexachloride?

Sulfur hexafluoride/Formula

What is the chemical name for SCl6?

sulfur hexachloride
The identify of the compound, SCl6, is sulfur hexachloride.

What is the formula for sulfur?

Sulfur dioxide/Formula

What is the molar mass of sulfur hexachloride?

146.06 g/mol
Sulfur hexafluoride/Molar mass

How do you write the formula for sulfur tetrachloride?

Sulfur tetrachloride/Formula

What is the mass of a sulfur tetrafluoride molecule?

108.07 g/mol
Sulfur tetrafluoride

Molar mass 108.07 g/mol
Appearance colorless fuel
Density 1.95 g/cm3, −78 °C
Melting point −121.0 °C

How many atoms are in Zn hco32?

Composition of Zn(HCO3)2

Element Symbol # of Atoms
Zinc Zn 1
Hydrogen H 2
Carbon C 2
Oxygen O 6

What is the formula for Tetraarsenic Decoxide?

Name Formula
15) tetraarsenic decoxide As4O10
16) silicon tetrachloride SiCl4
17) krypton difluoride KrF2
18) chlorine monoxide ClO

What is the compound name for C2H6?

Ethane ( or ) is an natural chemical compound with chemical formula C2H6. At same old temperature and drive, ethane is a drab, odorless fuel.

What is the title for sebr6?

Selenium hexafluoride

IUPAC name Selenium hexafluoride
Other names Selenium(VI) fluoride, Selenium fluoride
CAS Number 7783-79-1

What is the title of h2co3?

Carbonic acid
Carbonic acid/IUPAC ID