What is the measure of arc rst?

What is the measure of arc rst?

— RT is a diameter, so RST is a semicircle, and m RST = 180°. The measure of a minor arc is the measure of its central angle. The expression m AB is read as “the measure of arc AB.” The measure of the complete circle is 360°.

What does XYZ measure?

Answer Expert Verified Angle subtended by way of an arc at the centre is two times of the perspective subtended at any point on the circle . And in the given diagram, angle subtended on the circle via arc XZ=60 level . So arc XZ =2*60=120. Therefore measurement of arc xyz=stage.

What is the measure JKL?

finishing ray of the attitude. The measure of perspective JKL is 116°.

What is the measure of DBE?

The measure of ∠DBE is (0.1x – 22)° and the measure of ∠CBE is (0.3x – 54)°.

How do you in finding the measure of RST?

what is the measure of ∠RST?

  1. 3 Answers. #1. +1. Given the primary arc and the minor arc percentage the similar chord, the perspective RST will probably be: ∠RST=1/2∠RHT. ∠RHT=1/3π=1/3×180=60. hence. ∠RST=1/2×60=30° Answer: 30° bigbrotheprodude Feb 20, 2019. +121059. +2. Nice, bigbrotheprodude…..!!!! CPhill Feb 21, 2019. +3.
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What is the measure of attitude ABC A hundred thirty 40?

Angle shaped by way of two intersecting chords of a circle = Half the sum of intersecting arcs. From the diagram, arcAC = One hundred thirty levels, and arcDE = Forty levels. so ∠ABC = 1/2 * (130° + 40°) = 1/2 * 170° = 85°.

What is the angle of XYZ in levels?

Triangle XYZ is taken through a dilation with heart Y and scale factor 5/2 to Triangle X’Y’Z’. The measure of angle YXZ is 83 degrees and the measure of attitude YZX is 22 levels.

What level is RST?

Angle RST is a directly attitude, or 180°.

What is perspective MNO?

Angle MNO is shaped by segments MN and NO on the coordinate grid below: Angle MNO is circled One hundred eighty levels counterclockwise about the beginning to shape perspective M′N′O′.

What is the measure of AC?

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What is the measure of RT?

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