What is the Motel 6 WiFi password?

What is the Motel 6 WiFi password?

The code options for Motel 6 are as: 123. 1234.

How do I power a WIFI login on my iPhone?

Use captive Wi-Fi networks on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch


  1. Tap Settings > Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap the identify of the community, then watch for a login display to appear. Or tap subsequent to the community’s title, then faucet Join Network.
  3. If triggered, enter a user name and password, input an e-mail deal with, or acknowledge terms and prerequisites.

How do I connect to wifi with my username and password?

wifi username & password in Windows 10

  1. Go to Network and Sharing Center.
  2. Set up a new connection or community.
  3. Manually hook up with a wireless community.
  4. Enter SSID, safety type and key of your wireless community.

How do I power a login to my WIFI?

Here’s how:

  1. click your wifi icon and move into your community personal tastes.
  2. choose WIFI on the left bar (must be blue), then press the “minus” button beneath.
  3. press the plus button, choose wifi as your interface, name it Wi-Fi or whatever you want and upload it once more.
  4. Reconnect to the wifi and also you will have to hit the login display screen!

How can I open my router settings?

Finding your router IP address on an Android software

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Network & web.
  3. Go to Wi-Fi and click on on the Wi-Fi community you’re the use of.
  4. Hit Advanced.
  5. Your router’s default IP deal with is listed below Gateway.

Why does WiFi paintings on the entirety however my phone?

Sometimes WIFI will work on everything but your telephone. Since WIFI is getting used on another software it is clear that the connection is not the drawback. First, be sure that your telephones WIFI detector is on and will to find networks near you.

How do I fix my WiFi adapter on my phone?

How to Fix WiFi Connection on Android Phone Tablet

  1. 1 Restart the Android Device. Hold down the power button in your Android software.
  2. 2 Make Sure the Android Device is in Range.
  3. 3 Delete the WiFi Network.
  4. 4 Reconnect the Android Device to the WiFi.
  5. 5 Restart the Modem and Router.
  6. 6 Check the Cables to the Modem and Router.
  7. 7 Check the Internet Light on Modem and Router.

What to do if there is authentication downside in WiFi?

How to mend Wi-Fi authentication issues on Android

  1. Toggle Airplane mode.
  2. Forget and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.
  3. Reboot your Wi-Fi router.
  4. Change the community from DHCP to Static.
  5. Reset your network settings.