What is the name for V2S3?

What is the name for V2S3?

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Item Number: V-1018
CAS Number: 1315-03-3
Chemical Name: Vanadium sulfide
Formula: V2S3 (+ possible trace of V5S8)

What is the formula of vanadium III sulfide?

Vanadium(III) sulfate/Formula

What is the name of V2 SO3 5?

Vanadium(V) Sulfite
Vanadium(V) Sulfite V2(SO3)5 Molecular Weight — EndMemo.

What is the chemical formula for vanadium III and sulfur?

Vanadium(III) sulfide | S3V2-6 – PubChem.

What is the name for Si2Br6?

Disilicon Hexabromide
A compound H2O is named – Dihydrogen monoxide. Its common name is of course water. A compound of Si2Br6 is named – Disilicon Hexabromide.

What is the name of Cu clo3 2?

Copper(II) chlorate
Copper(II) chlorate is a chemical compound of the transition metal copper and the chlorate anion with basic formula Cu(ClO3)2. Copper chlorate is an oxidiser.

What is the name of V2 SO3 3?

Vanadium(III) Sulfite V2(SO3)3 Molecular Weight — EndMemo.

What is the correct name for Na2CO3?

Sodium carbonate
Sodium carbonate | Na2CO3 – PubChem.

What SO3 3?

(SO3)3 – Sulfur trioxide.

What is Ni2 so43?

Nickel(III) Sulfate. Alias: Nickelic Sulfate. Formula: Ni2(SO4)3.

Is Na2CO3 an acid or base?

Sodium carbonate (also known as washing soda or soda ash), Na2CO3, is a sodium salt of carbonic acid and is a fairly strong, non-volatile base.

Is SO3 harmful?

It is corrosive to metals and tissue. It causes eye and skin burns. Ingestion causes severe burns of mouth esophagus and stomach. The vapor is very toxic by inhalation.

What does Al2 SO3 3 mean?

Aluminum Sulfite. Aluminum Sulfite. Formula: Al2(SO3)3.

What is ni2so4?

Nickel(III) Sulfate. Nickel(III) Sulfate. Alias: Nickelic Sulfate.

What is the mass of 1 mol of Ni SO4 3?

You can view more details on each measurement unit: molecular weight of NiSO4 or grams This compound is also known as Nickel(II) Sulfate. The SI base unit for amount of substance is the mole. 1 mole is equal to 1 moles NiSO4, or 154.756 grams.

What is the pH of Na2CO3?

to 11
The pH of Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3) in water is generally close to 11.

What is common name of Na2CO3?

Sodium carbonate | Na2CO3 – PubChem.