What is the name of CoS?

What is the name of CoS?

Cobalt sulfide | CoS – PubChem.

What is the charge of CoS?

It is a one-carbon compound and an organosulfur compound. Carbonyl sulfide is used as an intermediate in natural compound synthesis….3.1Computed Properties.

Property Name Property Value Reference
Formal Charge 0 Computed by PubChem

What is the name and type of bond of Co2S3?

The name of Co2 S3 is cobalt(III) sulfide. The Roman numeral III is required after cobalt because it’s a transition steel. Some transition metals have…

What is the chemical name for ccl4?


What is the name for AuPO4?

Gold(III) Phosphate

What is the chemical formula for gold III phosphate?


What is the chemical name for h2o2?

hydrogen peroxide

What is the chemical formula for gold III phosphide?


What is the system for lithium chloride?


What is the formula for Lead II nitride?

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Compound Name Molecular Formula Molecular Weight
Lead(II) Nitride Pb(N3)2 291.2402

What is the formulation for an ionic compound with Ca 2 and po4?

Calcium phosphate

PubChem CID 24456
Molecular Formula Ca3(PO4)2 or Ca3O8P2
Synonyms Calcium phosphate 7758-87-Four TRICALCIUM PHOSPHATE Synthos Calcium phosphate tribasic More…
Molecular Weight 310.2 g/mol
Component Compounds CID 1004 (Phosphoric acid) CID 5460341 (Calcium)

How can we identify salts?

There is a undeniable fundamental process to identify a salt that may be followed.

  1. Look at the Appearance of the Compound. Typically the compound appears in a solid form.
  2. Check the Effect of Heating.
  3. Conduct a Flame Test.
  4. Test Its Reaction with Hydrochloric Acid.
  5. Note Its Solubility in Water.
  6. Sieve analysis.
  7. Moisture research.

How do you make an unique solution for basic radicals?

To get ready authentic solution small quantity of substance is shaken with cold, distilled water. It substance dissolves, entire substance is dissolved in water to organize authentic resolution. If substance remains insoluble then, aggregate is heated and solubility is tested.

What are examples of salt colours?


Name Formula of the corresponding salts Color
Manganese(II) chloride tetrahydrate MnCl2·4H2O Pink
Copper(II) chloride dihydrate CuCl2·2H2O Blue-green
Nickel(II) chloride hexahydrate NiCl2·6H2O Green
Lead(II) iodide PbI2 Yellow

Which salt is orange in Colour?

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Color Metal in salt
Orange Calcium
Yellow Sodium
Green Barium
Blue Copper