What is the phone number of the Ghostbusters in the original 1984 film?

What is the phone number of the Ghostbusters in the original 1984 film?

Taking a ‘junk buy’ cross-country on late-night TV and running the business just because it appeared in the film only with the superimposed phone number changed to an 800 number, 1-800-654-1984. People may just call in and get an answering machine with message from Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray.

Is the Ghostbusters development real?

The building was once designed through the architectural firm Schwartz & Gross, and built in 1929. Although the building does no longer have an official name, it is incessantly colloquially referred to as The Ghostbusters Building, The Shandor Building, The Shandor Apartments or Spook Central, the fictional names it is given in the film.

Where Is The Real Ghostbusters firehouse?

Firehouse, Hook & Ladder Company 8
Address 14 North Moore Street, Tribeca
Town or city Manhattan, New York City, New York
Country United States
Opened 1903

Where used to be the library scene in Ghostbusters filmed?

Los Angeles Central Library

Can you consult with the Ghostbusters firehouse?

The most famous location in the first flick is undoubtedly the firehouse the Ghostbusters commandeer as their place of work: Hook and Ladder #8, in Tribeca. Still, it’s an essential stop on any Ghostbusters excursion.]

Where used to be Ghostbusters filmed in NYC?

Ghostbusters HQ, 8-14 North Moore Street and Varick Street, Manhattan. Hotel, West fifth Street and Grand Avenue, Los Angeles. 5th Avenue and East 50th Street, Manhattan. 16 East 63rd Street (btw fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue) Manhattan.

Who filmed Ghostbusters?

Ghostbusters is a 1984 American supernatural comedy film directed by way of Ivan Reitman and written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis….

Production companies Columbia-Delphi Productions Black Rhino
Distributed via Columbia Pictures
Release date June 8, 1984
Running time One hundred and five mins

Is the lodge in Ghostbusters the same as AHS?

11 The Hotel Is Very, Very Haunted Observant horror lovers may acknowledge the hotel from some other franchise; it is the similar resort used in American Horror Story: Hotel. New York City’s Mercado through day and Los Angeles’s The Cortez via night (or one thing like that), the lodge has observed its percentage of spooks.

Is the Mercado Hotel New York actual?

The Mercado Hotel is very loosely according to Paramount Building. The front doors of the Mercado have an address of 1525 Broadway hanging it between West forty sixth and West forty seventh on Seventh Avenue, two blocks North of One Astor Plaza, and replacing a cluster of small buildings East of Hotel W.

How do Ghostbusters catch ghosts?

The proton pack is a fictional power based seize instrument, used for capturing and entrapping ghosts in the Ghostbusters universe. First depicted in the film Ghostbusters, it has a hand-held wand (“Neutrona Wand” or particle thrower) attached to a backpack-sized particle accelerator.

What 12 months was once the original Ghostbusters filmed?