What is the present tense of play?

What is the present tense of play?

Play verb bureaucracy

Infinitive Present Participle Past Tense
play enjoying played

How do you employ play in present tense?

  1. Infinitive – to play.
  2. Present participle – enjoying.
  3. Past participle – played.

How do you say play in present simple?

Conjugation English verb to play

  1. Simple present. I play.
  2. Present innovative/steady. I’m playing.
  3. Simple previous. I played.
  4. Past revolutionary/steady. I was enjoying.
  5. Present absolute best easy. I have performed.
  6. Present easiest innovative/steady. I’ve been taking part in.
  7. Past absolute best. I had played.
  8. Past easiest modern/continuous.

What is present tense Give Five example?

Rock needs to sing. Bill writes the letters. Peter is coming to our position.

Is performs previous or present?

The previous tense of play is performed. The third-person singular simple present indicative shape of play is plays. The present participle of play is enjoying.

How do you educate easy present tense?

How To Teach The Present Simple Tense

  1. Step 1: Action Verbs. To start, elicit some common motion verbs from your scholars.
  2. Step 2: First Person Singular Form.
  3. Step 3: Second Person Singular.
  4. Step 4: Third Person Singular.
  5. Step 5: Plural Forms.
  6. Step 6: Negative Present Simple Sentences.
  7. Step 7: Present Simple Exercises.

What are the regulations of easy present tense?

Out of all the other verb tenses, easy present tense is rather, neatly, simple to form. The first basic rule is to simply use the root of the verb, which is the shape of a verb you’ll to find if you happen to look one up in our incredible dictionary, to shape the first and 2nd person structures. For example: I stroll.

What is simple present tense and provides examples?

The easy present tense is when you use a verb to tell about issues that occur regularly in the present, like each day, every week, or each month. We use the easy present tense for anything that happens ceaselessly or is factual. Here are a few examples: I’m going to school each day.

What is the present highest of see?

Perfect tenses

present easiest
I have noticed
you have observed
he, she, it has observed
we have seen

What is the right kind shape of verb of play?

play ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌

present tense
he/she/it performs
present participle playing
previous tense played
past participle performed

What are the instance of easy present tense?


  • He is going to school each morning.
  • She understands English.
  • It mixes the sand and the water.
  • He tries very exhausting.
  • She enjoys taking part in the piano.