What R&B groups were popular in the 80s?

What R&B groups were popular in the 80s?

80’s R&B Groups/Bands

  • Watching YouSlave.
  • CuriousMidnight Star.
  • Outstanding – Original 12″ MixThe Gap Band.
  • Juicy FruitMtume.
  • Midas TouchMidnight Star.
  • Just a Touch of LoveSlave.
  • You Dropped A Bomb On MeThe Gap Band.
  • SlideSlave, Jimmy Douglas.

Who was the best R&B singer in the 80s?

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, made numerous R&B dance hits you will be able to choose from. Marvin Gaye was also a major artist of the time, and plenty of people still turn on his music when they are in the mood for romance. There are no wrong answers. Every song on this list is a hit in its own right.

Is Soul and R&B the same?

It would be correct to say that “R&B” encompasses all popular music made by African-American artists and marketed to the African-American public. “Soul” and “Funk” are each subsets of the larger category of “R&B”.

What was the number one R&B song in 1980?

Top 100 R&B Songs in 1980

Rank Song Title
1 Rock With You Michael Jackson ► Rock With You
2 Master Blaster (Jammin’) Stevie Wonder ► Master Blaster (Jammin’)
3 Celebration Kool & the Gang ► Celebration
4 Upside Down Diana Ross ► Upside Down

Who are the members of the black girl group?

The group was originally formed by school friends Annette Beard, Gloria Williams, and Rosalind Ashford. Martha Reeves joined later—and like Diana Ross—eventually became the lead singer, which led to her name receiving separate billing. Together they charted over 26 hit songs, ten of which reached #1 on Billboard’s R&B singles chart.

Are there any girl bands in the 80’s?

Prior to the 80’s there was plenty of female solo artists but only a few All Girl Groups that had hit songs, most of these were part of RnB sound of Motown featuring African-American women. Not until the “Runaways” of the late 70’s did an all girl band write, sing and play their own music make it to the top of the charts.

What kind of Music do black women sing?

Spanning a variety of genres that include jazz, soul, rock, blues, indie, hip hop, pop, r&b, experimental, and yesteryear “girl groups” — this playlist features influential black female singers from modern cuts of music, as well as those classic oldies.

What kind of music was in the 80s?

80s R&B male singers, along with 90s R&B male artists, are within the genre of Rhythm and Blues, which is music that keeps you in your feelings.