What should I wear to FedEx Ground orientation?

What should I wear to FedEx Ground orientation?

By orientation I am assuming you mean your first day that comes with training. FedEx does no longer have a inflexible dress code for their bundle handlers. Just make sure you have closed toe footwear and are wearing issues which might be comfy. If you wish to have to get work boots they are advisable however now not required.

Does FedEx Ground drug take a look at at orientation?

Yes they do random drug testing and if you don’t report for the drug take a look at throughout the 2-hour window that is allocated for…

Do you get paid for orientation at FedEx?

Yes, FedEx pays for orientation and training.

How many hours is FedEx coaching?

3-6 hours

What happens at FedEx orientation?

Orientation. After you’ve accredited the activity offer and gone in the course of the testing phases you’re going to be notified of your orientation. You will be informed the whole lot you need to learn about FedEx and the process you were hired to do and what you can expect.. This is also a great time to ask any questions you’ll have about your job.

Does FedEx Ground pay overtime?

You get paid time and a half when you paintings on vacations and for time beyond regulation if you got here in on your off days if they wanted assist.

Does FedEx ground have benefits?

As a part of our commitment to our other people, FedEx Ground offers a bunch receive advantages program the place per month premiums are 100% paid by the Company. Employees are eligible for extended health and dental coverage after 90 days of service. Additionally, employees are also provided an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Can you work at UPS and FedEx on the same time?

FedEx does no longer allow you to paintings for any competitor. This contains UPS, DHL, USPS or any type of courier company with an identical services and products.

Can you work at FedEx Express and FedEx ground at the same time?

No. You can handiest paintings at one FedEx corporate. I can work part-time at FedEx Ground as a Package Handler after which work part-time as a courier for FedEx Express.

Is FedEx a union?

FedEx, the second greatest logistics corporate in the US, spent $837,000 between 2014 and 2018 on union avoidance consultants, in accordance to a up to date record printed by means of the Economic Policy Institute. The only different unionized FedEx employees are their pilots, who voted to form a union in 1993.

What is FedEx worker discount?

70% bargain for transport through FedEx.