What song did George Strait wrote for his daughter?

What song did George Strait wrote for his daughter?

George Strait released the center wrenching song “Baby Blue” on April 25, 1988. It was once the second unmarried off his album If You Ain’t Lovin’, You AIn’t Livin’. While the lyrics of the song don’t specify, and Strait has never showed, many consider this emotional song was once written in regards to the lack of his daughter, Jenifer.

Who wrote the song Baby Blue via George Strait?

Aaron Barker
Baby Blue/Lyricists

How did George Strait lose his daughter?

George Strait lost his daughter in an unthinkable tragedy again in 1986 when she was once simply 13-years-old. Jennifer Strait was once inquisitive about a passenger automobile twist of fate, having been ejected from the car, and did now not survive. As a means to cope with the heartbreaking loss, her father composed music in her stead.

Did George Strait write a song about his daughters death?

In 1988, two years after Jenifer’s death, George Strait also released the emotional song known as “Baby Blue” as the second one unmarried off of his album If You Ain’t Lovin’, You Ain’t Livin’. Even regardless that it hasn’t ever been confirmed, many imagine the song connects to the tragic dying of Jenifer.

Who was once baby blue written for?

George’s daughter Jennifer used to be killed in a automobile twist of fate on the age of 13. It is rumored that this song is devoted to her. There is a foundation in San Antonio for youngsters named after her. This was written by the Texas songwriter Aaron Barker.

Who was once Baby Blue written for?

Who was driving the car that killed Jenifer Strait?

write(theYear) Jennifer Strait was driving with two friends, William Allen McDonald, 16, and Joseph Wiley Robbins, 17, both of San Marcos, in a automobile driven by way of Allen when the crash … California’s November election will characteristic 12 statewide poll measures.

Why is it known as Baby Blue?

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What is Baby Blue web value?

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