What was one way progressives wanted to regulate railroads quizlet?

What was one way progressives wanted to regulate railroads quizlet?

What was one way Progressives wanted to regulate railroads? -ruled in opposition to government laws.

What was one way progressives wanted to give protection to the rights of kids?

What was one way Progressives wanted to offer protection to the rights of children? via expanding their freedom. through getting rid of kid labor. by way of limiting kid hard work.

What did the revolutionary motion of the 1800s advertise?

The main targets of the Progressive motion have been addressing problems led to by industrialization, urbanization, immigration, and political corruption. By taking down those corrupt representatives in office, an extra way of direct democracy would be established.

What were the everyday strategies of Progressive reformers?

What have been the standard strategies of Progressive Reformers? The normal strategies used at the municipal and state levels concerned publishing of corruption among politics and business. Along with setting up organizations in make stronger of progressivism.

Which of the next was a goal of the progressives?

Progressivism was a bunch of various concepts relating to how to fix the issue that affected the American society. The major objectives of the progressives had been to advertise the ides of morality, economic reform , efficiency and social welfare.

What did the Progressive motion accomplish?

Many activists joined efforts to reform native government, public training, medication, finance, insurance coverage, industry, railroads, churches, and plenty of different spaces. Progressives reworked, professionalized, and made “medical” the social sciences, particularly history, economics, and political science.

What did the Progressive movement do?

The Progressive movement was a turn-of-the-century political movement fascinated by furthering social and political reform, curtailing political corruption caused via political machines, and limiting the political affect of large corporations.

When was the Progressive movement?

1897 – 1920
Progressive Era/Periods

What three goals did the Progressives pursue?

What 3 targets did the Progressives pursue? Weaken company influence, get rid of political corruption, and democratize the political procedure.

What was progressivism quizlet?

Progressivism. The motion in the past due 1800s to building up democracy in America through curbing the facility of the company. It fought to end corruption in government and trade, and labored to deliver equal rights of women and other teams that have been left behind throughout the industrial revolution. Populism.

When was the revolutionary movement?

What had been 5 reasons of the revolutionary motion?

Terms in this set (5) Industrial Revolution, Child Labor, Racial Inequality, Unsafe meals, and Working Conditions.