When did Smooth Operator come out?

When did Smooth Operator come out?

Smooth Operator/Released

Who first sang Smooth Operator?

Smooth Operator

“Smooth Operator”
Songwriter(s) Sade Adu Ray St. John
Producer(s) Robin Millar
Sade singles chronology
“When Am I Going to Make a Living” (1984) “Smooth Operator” (1984) “Hang On to Your Love” (1984)

Who covered Smooth Operator?


Title Performer Release date
Smooth Operator Sade July 1984
Smooth Operator Party Service Band 1985
Smooth Operator Mongo Santamaria October 1987
Smooth Operator Ten Masked Men 1999

Who wrote Smooth Operator Sade?

Sade Adu
Ray St. John
Smooth Operator/Lyricists

What is Sade real title?

Helen Folasade Adu
Sade Adu/Full name

Who is Sade husband?

Carlos Scola Pliegom. 1989–1995
Sade Adu/Husband

What does smooth operator mean in slang?

casual. : any person who is comfortable, assured, and pleasant in some way that can be supposed to deceive people.

What nationality is Sade?

Sade Adu/Nationality

What is a smooth talker?

casual. : somebody who says flattering things that may be intended to deceive people.

What is a smooth operator?

smooth operator(Noun) An individual who accomplishes tasks with potency and charm, especially one with verbal skills who is persuasive in interpersonal relationships, negotiation, and so on. smooth operator(Noun) A skillful, manipulative particular person, con artist, or clever scoundrel.

What are the lyrics to Smooth Operator?

Smooth Operator Lyrics. [Chorus: Yung Bleu] Came a long way from that block, I swear to God I did. Used a long term to the highest, I gotta feed my youngsters. If you want to I can show you all of the shit I did. I got too many haters. I make moves, I’m a smooth operator. I got too many haters.

Who sings Smooth Operator?

“Smooth Operator” is a track through the English team Sade launched because the fourth and ultimate unmarried from their debut album, Diamond Life (1984).