When do you get a wedge in Trivial Pursuit?

When do you get a wedge in Trivial Pursuit?

The Trivial Pursuit game board is shaped like a 6-spoke wheel. Players begin on the center, then transfer out to earn a wedge from each and every of the wedge-marked spaces the place a spoke meets the outer wheel, and after all go back to the center to reply to a ultimate question.

What is a wedge query?

Showing 1-2 of 2 answers. It’s a trivia recreation, there’s no gameboard. But it’s set up in order that if you get a question right, then you get a “wedge” question. So you can stay alongside of who gets all the wedges. The die in the game is marked with which class of query you have to respond to.

What are the wedges in Trivial Pursuit?

A small plastic wedge, sometimes called cheese (like cheese triangles), will also be positioned into each of those sections to mark each and every participant’s growth. During the game, avid gamers transfer their playing items round a observe which is formed like a wheel with six spokes.

Can you cross in the course of the middle in Trivial Pursuit?

You could make your method to the opposite aspect of the board by way of reducing around the heart along the spokes. You can land at the similar house as some other player.

What does showdown mean in Trivial Pursuit?

Question [ANSWERED] This Edition of the game introduces the “Showdown” mechanic, where you can problem another participant for their wedge.

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