Where can I find a lot of scrap metal in Fallout New Vegas?

Where can I find a lot of scrap metal in Fallout New Vegas?

Scrap metal can be discovered all over the the Mojave Wasteland. Old Lady Gibson positioned in Gibson scrap backyard has a large stock of scrap metal, starting from Three to 7 at a time. Her stock restocks every 72 in-game hours.

Is junk rounds a just right perk?

Due to the low output of this perk and the issue of wearing around piles of heavy junk, it is not regarded as a strongly desirable perk.

Where can I find scrap electronics in Fallout New Vegas?

Two can be discovered in the Lone Wolf Radio, south of Goodsprings. Two are in a stand on the Crimson Caravan Company. One is also found at the Goodsprings General Store. A pair can be found in the generator room at Nellis Air Force Base all through the hunt Ant Misbehavin’.

What can you do with scrap metal Fallout 3?

Scrap metal is a important part in the crafting of the weapon repair kit. It can even be damaged down into two hundred gadgets of lead, which is used in the crafting of ammunition at a reloading bench.

Where can I find a lot of scrap metal in Fallout 3?


  • All robots usually have a piece of scrap metal in their stock.
  • Most toolboxes around the wilderness have scrap metal in them.
  • Most vendors that sell junk have scrap metal for sale.
  • The bin in Karl’s shop in Meresti station has about 20 items of scrap metal in it.

Where is Jack in Nellis Air Force Base?

Jack is a Boomer residing at Nellis Air Force Base in the Nellis hangars in 2281.

Where can you find a sensor module in Fallout New Vegas?

Fallout: New Vegas One can be found in Goodsprings on a shelf in a trailer behind the overall retailer. More than a dozen can be found at Cerulean Robotics in Freeside. Five can be stolen from Novac on cabinets outdoor the gas station. Two can be discovered in the Lone Wolf Radio trailer.

Where does the family reside in Fallout 3?

Meresti Metro station

Where is the Soil Stradivarius in Vault 92?

Recover the Soil Stradivarius from Vault 92. Vault Ninety two is infested with mirelurks, mirelurk hunters, mirelurk kings, bloatflies, and radroaches. The Soil Stradivarius is located inside the most southwestern room in the Sound Testing segment of the Vault on a table.

Who owns the costliest violin in the world?

This Guarneri del Gesù device is now the most expensive violin in the arena, promoting for an estimated $16million (£10.5million). Its new proprietor anonymously donated the historical tool to violinist Anne Akiko Meyers on loan for the rest of her lifestyles.