Where do you get Aeroga in Kingdom Hearts?

Where do you get Aeroga in Kingdom Hearts?

Defensive Magic:

Aero Obtained from deafeating Opposite Armor in Traverse Town Redux
Aerora Obtained from a treasure box in the Ship Cabin using the Yellow Trinity in Neverland
Aeroga Obtained from discovering all 99 Dalmations and returning them to Traverse Town

What does Aero do kh1?

In Kingdom Hearts, Aero is defensive magic that can be used by way of Sora and Donald Duck. It creates a wind barrier around the goal that halves any injury taken while it is active; on the other hand, if the casting animation is interrupted via an enemy assault, the wear and tear from that hit will not be decreased.

How do I make a Stopga?

You have to finish the Pooh’s Swing minigame in 100 Hundred Arce Wood to get the Stopga spell.

Who is the name of the game boss in Hollow Bastion?


What do you get for beating the Hades cup?

Hades Cup
Unlocked Complete the Phil Cup, Pegasus Cup, and Hercules Cup, and lock the Keyhole at Hollow Bastion.
Rounds 49
Time trial 20:00
Rewards Basic: Trinity Limit Solo: Save the Queen Time trial: Save the King

What degree must you be for the Hades cup?


Did zeref kill Hades?

Zeref unearths to Hades that his energy had never been sealed to begin with, making Grimoire Heart’s efforts to reawaken him needless. Accusing Hades of summoning the dragon known as Acnologia through his guild’s movements, Zeref kills him.

Is juvia more potent than Lucy?

So much nearer but Juvia still wins. She’s sooner and more potent than any of Lucy’s spirits, and whilst Lucy is flexible maximum of that versatility is pointless against Juvia’s water body.

Is juvia a dragon slayer?

Our Juvia one day runs upon a mysterious man and he places a lacrima inside her. Juvia turns into a dragon slayer.

Who is gajeel’s easiest good friend?


Why do all Dragon Slayers have movement sickness?

All Dragon Slayers (out of doors of the Fifth Generation) of an advanced “degree” be afflicted by critical motion illness because of the synchronization between the huge gap of a human’s semicircular canals and a Dragon’s visible acuity.

Is Acnologia Erza’s father?

According to Trippedmedia, Acnologia is Erza’s father with having Acnologia proclaim that he’s the King of the Dragons. Makes sense if Acnologia pressured Irene to like him despite him being a half human, part dragon.