Where do you put the meat in Riddle School 5?

Where do you put the meat in Riddle School 5?

Move your mouse to the proper aspect of the wall in Smiley’s room till the mouse message reads “hidden door.” Click. You’ll get a steak. When the quick cutscene is over, go away the room.

What is the password in Riddle Transfer 2?

Click on the monitor. Enter the code 4003.


How do you get the toilet paper in Riddle School 2?

Click on the “slidy” to show a bathroom paper roll within the vent. Click the toilet paper roll to get it. Go left after which into the Men’s Room. Click the toilet paper that you discovered previous to provide it to the person inside of the stall.

How do you remedy a riddle switch?

There are total 7 Riddle School games together with Riddle School, Riddle School 2, Riddle School 3, Riddle School 4, Riddle School 5, Riddle Transfer, and Riddle Transfer 2. In those video games, the last two games are the enlargement of Riddle School series games.