Which group of elements has 5 valence electrons?

Which group of elements has 5 valence electrons?

The elements of the group 15 (column) VA of the periodic table all have electron configurations of s2p3, giving them five valence electrons. These elements come with Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Arsenic (As), Antimony (Sb), and Bismuth (Bi).

What has 5 valence electrons in the 4th length?

Therefore, the part within the fourth length of the periodic table that has 5 valence electrons is Arsenic (As).

What is a duration 2 nonmetal with 5 valence electrons?

I believe that the period 2 nonmetal with 5 valence electrons is the element nitrogen with image N. Nitrogen is found to have either Three or 5 valence electrons and lies on the best of Group 15 on the periodic desk.

Which part has Four shells and 5 valence electrons?

Explanation: Arsenic is in group 5 and period 4.

Which element has Four energy levels and 5 valence electrons?

Element Element Number Number of Electrons in each Level
Beryllium 4 2
Boron 5 3
Carbon 6 4
Nitrogen 7 5

Does period 3 have 5 valence electrons?

Phosphorous is the 5th element from the left within the third length so it has five valence electrons.

How many valence electrons does group 18 have?

The quantity of valence electrons

Periodic desk group Valence Electrons
Group 15 (V) (pnictogens) 5
Group 16 (VI) (chalcogens) 6
Group 17 (VII) (halogens) 7
Group 18 (VIII or 0) (noble gases) 8**

Why is carbon atomic number 6?

Protons define the atomic quantity because of their positive rate and six of them certain in an atomic nucleus is an atomic quantity of six. This makes the element carbon. It has six orbiting electons which cancel out the charge at the nucleus.