Which states are farthest south?

Which states are farthest south?

Extreme Points of the United States (50 States)

Distance 1
Extreme level Latitude mi.
Easternmost level: West Quoddy Head, Maine 4449′ N 1,788
Southernmost point: Ka Lae (South Cape), Hawaii 1855′ N 3,463
Westernmost level: Cape Wrangell, Alaska (Attu Island) 5255′ N 3,625

Which U.S. state is located the farthest south?

As the question relates to the entirety of the United States of America, the solution to the question — what state is the farthest south in the US — is Hawaii. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, at coordinates 21º 18′ N, 157º 51′ W, the latest of the…

What states are farthest from each and every different?

Greatest distance between any two mainland points in the contiguous 48 states (linear distance): 2,892 miles (4,654 km), from Point Arena, California, to West Quoddy Head, Maine. Greatest east–west distance in U.S. territory [?]: 5,823 miles (9,371 km), from Kure Atoll, Hawaii, to Riviera Beach, Florida.

What are the farthest two points in the United States?

Greatest distance between any two points in the contiguous 48 states: 2,901 miles (4,669 km), from North Farallon Island, California, to Sail Rock, east of West Quoddy Head, Maine.

Which is essentially the most northern of the 48 states?

Looking at a map, Alaska is obviously the most northern state within the U.S., and Hawaii, at 20º North, is without doubt essentially the most southern state.

Which US state is farthest from the equator?

Farthest Points in the Entire U.S. Here’s a captivating bit of trivia: Alaska is the state that is the farthest north, east, and west. The explanation why Alaska will also be thought to be the farthest each east and west is that the Aleutian Islands go the 180-degree meridian of longitude.

Which of all 50 states is farthest south?

Despite the confusion and the different perspectives, you can simply this answer beautiful simply. Alaska is the northernmost, easternmost, and westernmost state. Hawaii is the southernmost.

Which US town is farthest west?

The Answer: The westernmost point is Cape Wrangell, Alaska, which is 3,625 miles west of center.

What is essentially the most northern state in the decrease 48?

Farthest Points within the Lower 48 States The northernmost state is Minnesota at Angle Inlet (49 degrees 23 mins north.) The westernmost state is Washington at Cape Alava (124 degrees forty four mins west.) The southernmost state is Florida, marked by means of a buoy in Key West (24 levels 32 mins north.)

Which of the lower 48 states is farthest north?