Who in Anthem Lights is married?

Who in Anthem Lights is married?

Spencer KaneVocals
Caleb GrimmKeyboard toolJoseph StamperGuitarChad GrahamVocalsAlan PowellGuitar
Anthem Lights/Members

What happened to Alan from Anthem Lights?

Christian pop band Anthem Lights, identified for their viral movies and pop medleys, is shedding a co-founding band member. Alan Powell, vocalist, guitarist and pianist has introduced his go out from the crowd after 7 years. I had Three children since I was in this band. It has intended the whole thing to me.

How previous is Alan Powell?

36 years (May 3, 1985)
Alan Powell/Age

Who replaced Alan Powell in Anthem Lights?

singer Spencer Kane
Replacing founding member Alan Powell, pop singer Spencer Kane made his debut with Anthem Lights on their 5th album, Painted Skies, later that year. In March of 2018, they followed up the success of Hymns with a sequel album, Hymns, Vol. 2.

Who is Chad Graham married to?

Fallon Grahamm. 2013
Chad Graham/Spouse

Who are participants of Anthem Lights?

Anthem Lights/Members

Anthem Lights, consisting of 4 members, Caleb Grimm, Chad Graham, Joey Stamper and Spencer Kane, used to be formed in Los Angeles in 2009, consistent with their iTunes biography.

Who is the chief of Anthem Lights?

Anthem Lights is an American Christian group originating from Los Angeles….

Anthem Lights
Genres Pop rock Christian rock Christian pop R&B
Years lively 2007–provide
Labels Reunion
Members Chad Graham Caleb Grimm Joseph “Joey” Stamper Spencer Kane

How tall is Alan Powell?

6′ 2″
Alan Powell/Height

Who are the members of Anthem Lights?

Anthem Lights, consisting of four members, Caleb Grimm, Chad Graham, Joey Stamper and Spencer Kane, used to be shaped in Los Angeles in 2009, consistent with their iTunes biography. The “Southern Gospel Medley” tune is part of their new album, “Hymns,” which used to be launched April 7.

Are Anthem Lights Mormon?

Anthem Lights is an American Christian team originating from Los Angeles.

Are Caleb and Kelsey husband and spouse?

The harmonizing husband-and-wife duo of Caleb and Kelsey Grimm are identified to Christian pop lovers as simply Caleb + Kelsey.

Who is the new member of Anthem Lights?

Who is Alan Powell married to in actual life?

His 2020 family drama movie The Reason is set to liberate on December 15, 2020. Alan Powell is a fortunately married guy & lives together with his spouse Brycie Marie in Los Angeles after moving from Nashville. Reportedly, the duo married in 2006 and is together ever since taking part in 14 years of the marriage anniversary.

How previous is Alan Powell from Anthem Lights?

Alan is 35 years previous as of now. He holds the American nationality in conjunction with the white ethnicity. His zodiac signal falls below Taurus, suggesting the fact that he is captivating and practical at the similar time. Alan is into his mid 30’s, and the allure and beauty of the man can take your breath away indubitably.

Who is Alan Powell from Christmas in the Smokies married to?

Regarding his personal life, Alan has been married to Brycie Powell since 2006. The couple began relationship in highschool, with Powell mentioning that he fell in love with Brycie after seeing her in a school efficiency.

Who are the family members of Alan Powell?

He married Brycie in 2006; they are folks to 3 daughters and a son named Nash. His Anthem Lights band “circle of relatives” contains Chad Graham , Caleb Grimm, and Joey Stamper.