Who is Amanda Davis in Black Lightning?

Who is Amanda Davis in Black Lightning?

Amanda Marie Davis (October 17, 1955 – December 27, 2017) was an American broadcast journalist. She portrayed Joan Lincoln in Black Lightning.

Who is Monica Kaufman married to?

John E. Pearson Sr.

Monica Jones Kaufman Pearson
Occupation Journalist
Years active 1975–2012
Known for Anchor for Channel 2 Action News at 5 for WSB-TV
Spouse(s) John E. Pearson Sr. ​ ( m. 2005)​

How is Lala alive?

Lala was once resurrected thru Lazarus Prime’s cloning and woke up in a room, only for Lawanda White to seem and turn out to be smoke, remodeling herself right into a tattoo on his left chest.

Who is the ASA in Black Lightning?

The A.S.A. is a villainous group in the 2018 CW series Black Lightning. The A.S.A. is a secretive govt organization that has illegally experimented at the citizens of Freeland for over thirty years. This has resulted in the creation of a number of meta-humans, together with the hero Black Lightning.

What was once the reason for Amanda Davis loss of life?

Amanda Davis Cause Of Death: CBS, Fox News Anchor Dead At 54. Television news anchor from Atlanta, Georgia, Amanda Davis, died Wednesday after a center stroke. She was 54.

How did Amanda Davis die?

Veteran TV anchor Amanda Davis dies following huge stroke. Veteran Atlanta information anchor Amanda Davis died Wednesday night, according to CBS 46. She used to be 62. Davis suffered a large stroke Tuesday while ready to board a flight at the Atlanta airport, the station reported.

Who is Amanda Davis information anchor?

Amanda Davis (journalist) Amanda Marie Davis (October 17, 1955 – December 27, 2017) used to be an American broadcast journalist and morning anchor of CBS 46 News in Atlanta, formerly operating for Fox 5 News.