Who is Chile in Pablo Escobar?

Who is Chile in Pablo Escobar?

John Jairo Arias

Who is El Marino in real life?

Iván Marino Ospina
Born April 16, 1940 Roldanillo, Colombia
Died August 28, 1985 (elderly 45) Cali, Colombia
Nationality Colombian
Other names Felipe

Who is Marino in Pablo Escobar Series?

Entrega de ‘Peluche’ y alias ‘Marino’ As he and Gonzalo become older, they started their lives of arranged crime, changing into bodyguards to a well known smuggler and in the end his companions, after effectively standing off with police in what would become Escobar’s trademark “Plata o Plomo” way to …

Who is El Topo in Pablo Escobar?

He was described as at one point being the “leader assassin” for the Cartel’s leader Pablo Escobar….Dandeny Muñoz Mosquera.

Dandenys Muñoz Mosquera
Born Dandenys Muñoz Mosquera August 27, 1965 Medellin, Antioquía
Nationality Colombian
Other names La Quica

Is Judy Moncada alive?

Judy was once confident that he was once alive, however she found out his dying from information pictures.

Did they ever find Pablo Escobar’s cash?

A nephew of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar has said he found a plastic bag with cash price $18m (£14m) hidden in the wall of considered one of his uncle’s properties. He mentioned it used to be not the first time he found cash in puts where his uncle used to steer clear of capture, as Escobar reportedly concealed tens of millions in homes.

How a lot would Pablo Escobar be worth in 2020?

Pablo Escobar Net Worth

Net Worth: $30 Billion
Height: Five ft 5 in (1.sixty six m)
Profession: Drug lord
Nationality: Colombia
Last Updated: 2020