Who is Robyn Bernard married to?

Who is Robyn Bernard married to?

Kevin O’Connor

Who performed Brock on General Hospital?

David Groh

Is Alan Quartermaine nonetheless alive?

In February 2007, Alan and several others are taken hostage on the Metro Court lodge by Jerry Jacks. When Alan suffers a center assault, he is pressured to endure through the ache and his grandson Michael was once devastated. On February 26, Alan dies from heart failure at General Hospital.

When did AJ Quartermaine die?


What came about Emily Quartermaine?

*Emily died at the hands of the Text Message killer right through the Black & White ball in November 2007. Her spirit, on the other hand, stays with Nikolas. *She was killed by means of the Text Message Killer (Diego Alcazar) at her fiance’s (Nikolas Cassadine) Black & White Ball.

Who died from General Hospital?

Actor Christopher Pennock

Who killed Pierce Dorman on GH?

the Tin Man

How outdated is Emily on General Hospital?

The Loop (TV)

Emily Quartermaine
Born January 17, 1984 (Revised to 1983, then to January 16, 1982)
Died November 14, 2007 Wyndemere Castle Spoon Island Port Charles, New York
Age 25 (at death)
Cause of death Strangled through Diego Alcazar

Why did Natalia Livingston go away GH?

“The persona of Rebecca Shaw will soon depart the canvas and Natalia has made up our minds to pursue other initiatives. A beloved member of the GH circle of relatives, all of the forged and team want her nicely in all her long run endeavors.” “I leave GH with a way of pride and success,” Livingston informed ABC Soaps In Depth.

Why did Lulu go away General Hospital?

Lulu may be leaving ‘General Hospital’ due to some finances cuts.

Who used to be the text message killer on General Hospital?

Diego Alcazar
Classification Past; common
Other names Diego Sanchez Text Message Killer
Occupation Mob Soldier

Why did Jason and Elizabeth get a divorce?

However, Elizabeth breaks issues off with Jason after learning that Jason faked Sonny’s death and stored it from her, placing her thru needless pain, and causing her to understand Jason’s “world” was no longer one she sought after to be a part of.

What took place to Frisco and Felicia on General Hospital?

Naturally, Felicia reunited with Frisco they usually have been remarried in 1990. While on their European honeymoon, she was abducted by means of Cesar Faison and Frisco teamed with Sean to rescue her. Upset that Frisco wanted to rejoin the WSB, a pregnant Felicia ran house to Texas but returned when Frisco was shot.

Who murdered Georgie on General Hospital?

She teamed up with Spinelli to try and uncover the truth, but was strangled to death on Dec. 17, 2007, as the 3rd victim of the Text Message Killer. It used to be later published that the assassin used to be truly Diego, who had intended to kill Maxie, but Georgie intercepted the text and was once in the incorrect place at the flawed time.

Is Peter Anna’s son on General Hospital?

Many audience didn’t like the fact that Anna willingly slept with Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) as a part of her scheme. Fortunately, apparently the show’s about to undo all that. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Peter is Alex’s son, not Anna’s.

Who is Maxie Jones father on GH?

Mac Scorpio

Is Jason again on General Hospital?

Jason returned with a brand new face in 2014 when actor Billy Miller assumed the position, but in 2017 it used to be printed he was once in reality Jason’s twin brother, and Burton overjoyed his fans by means of reprising his role. The persona was at the beginning born Jason Quartermaine again in 1981 to Alan Quartermaine and Susan Moore.

Is Peter leaving GH?

I’ve liked Peter from the start.” But… plot twist! As increasingly of Ramsey’s supporters commented on his submit with well-wishes for his future endeavors, the actor updated his original message — clarifying that he is no longer, actually, leaving the cleaning soap.

What personality is leaving General Hospital?

Franco has had somewhat a loopy historical past on GENERAL HOSPITAL, and there were plenty of occasions fanatics have frightened that Franco used to be leaving GH. But if you take a look back at what this character has been via, he’s survived everything from falling off a roof to a brain tumor, so he’s beautiful resilient!

Are Carly and Peter still in combination?

Currently, a pair that is making fanatics fall in love at the back of the scenes of General Hospital is Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) and Wes Ramsey (Peter August). Ever since they began relationship in 2017, the pair has been open about their love for every different.