Who is the district manager of Dollar General?

Who is the district manager of Dollar General?

Steve Shambaugh
Dollar General Employees

Name Position Contact info
Steve Shambaugh District Manager [electronic mail secure]
Venita Harris Team Lead [e mail safe]
Kody Vogan Sales Associate [e mail secure]
Amy DiStefano Senior Software Engineer [e mail safe]

What do Dollar General assistant managers make?

How much does a Assistant Manager at Dollar General make? The standard Dollar General Assistant Manager wage is $Thirteen in step with hour. Assistant Manager salaries at Dollar General can vary from $7 – $24 in keeping with hour..

What do district managers do?

District managers are liable for environment regional targets corresponding to sales estimates and income projections, ensuring that marketing efforts are consistent throughout each store, managing a regional budget and making sure that each retailer operates inside the price range, among other duties.

What does a Dollar General district manager do?

Actively managing and lengthening retailer comp sales while concurrently opening new locations.

How a lot does Dollar General pay in keeping with hour?

Dollar General lead gross sales pals reasonable about $Nine an hour as of 2018, while gross sales buddies and cashiers average $Eight an hour. There also are alternatives to make a wage wage with Dollar General.

How a lot does Dollar General pay?

Hourly charges for Dollar General employees range relying on position. The reasonable hourly salary for an assistant manager is $11 in line with hour. Dollar General lead gross sales mates reasonable about $Nine an hour as of 2018, whilst gross sales associates and cashiers moderate $8 an hour.

How much does a cashier make at Dollar General?

A Dollar General cashier most often earns an hourly wage round $8.00. Pay charges and yearly wage options might build up with revel in. Location of employment additionally impacts how a lot a Dollar General cashier makes an hour. Aug 14 2019

What do Dollar General district managers make?

The moderate wage for the role of District Manager at Dollar General in United States is $84,000. This wage is in response to eighty three salaries submitted by way of LinkedIn contributors with the title “District Manager” at Dollar General in United States. Additional Compensations for the function of District Manager in United States at Dollar General. Compensation type.