Who is the official winner of Total Drama Action?

Who is the official winner of Total Drama Action?

Eventually, two contestants were left standing: Beth (Sarah Gadon) and Duncan (Drew Nelson). The Total Drama Action winner was Duncan.

Did Cody win Total Drama World Tour?

Total Drama World Tour is the third season of the Total Drama collection, and firstly aired from mid to past due 2010.

Who received the 1 million dollars in Total Drama Island?

List of rewards

Episode Reward Winner(s)
Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island $a million No one; 14-way tie
Total Drama Action
Monster Cash The selection of which trailer to live in Owen
Alien Resurr-eggtion Invincibility Being group captain Gwen and Trent

Who won all the total dramas?

Spoilers (40) Beth is the simplest season winner to stay her prize cash, as Owen gave it up in the Reunion Special, while Heather lost hers to Ezekiel. In Total Drama Island, Owen received in America and Gwen gained in different nations. The similar goes for all of the different seasons.

Who are the winners of Total Drama?

Courtney is the winner of Total Drama: All Stars at the side of finalist, Scott.

Who is the Total Drama Action winner?

Courtney is the winner of Total Drama: All Stars along side finalist, Scott. She was once at first a contestant on Total Drama Island, Action, and World Tour . Her character as Type A and a keep an eye on freak is first established in Island, where she was once widely perceived as the anti-hero as opposed to her unlike but chemical love pastime of the season, Duncan, the anti-villain.

What is Total Drama season 8?

Total Drama Island (season 8) Total Drama Island (on occasion shortened to TDI) is a Worldwide truth tv collection which premiered in U.S and Romania on FOX on September 25, 2008. The first season of the Total Drama sequence has 240 episodes, each 60 mins in period with a unique 30 minute episode at the end.